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We Are Becoming a Marijuana-Saturated Culture
It’s in our food.
We get many calls from parents seeking help for children in trouble with drugs, mostly marijuana in recent years. One mother a few weeks ago asked, “What kind of a society are we becoming where my 17-year-old son’s life goal is to move to Colorado and open a marijuana store?”
More parents will be asking similar questions as the counter-culture turns into the culture. Who imagined a few years ago that entrepreneurs would find ways to infuse marijuana into candies, cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, "soft" drinks, salads, sausages, “reef” jerky, smoked salmon, chocolate-covered bacon, and now, coffee?
Just as marijuana is entering the food chain, it is also penetrating traditional media. News of Catapult Cannabis-Infused Coffee is brought to us by Julie Weed (no comment) who writes a new blog for Forbes and describes her mission: “I cover the legal marijuana industry and the entrepreneurs building it.”

She profiles James Hull, creator of Catapult, a marijuana-infused coffee that “makes you feel blissful and energetic at the same time.” The psychotropic effects take 45 to 90 minutes to kick in, Ms. Weed writes, and each cup contains 10 mg of THC, one dose according to Washington state law. “Starbucks is the first thing that comes to mind when people want to go grab a cup of coffee,” Mr. Hull says. “Our goal is for consumers to think of Catapult, when they want cannabis-infused coffee.”
Read Ms. Weed’s Forbes blog here.  See more marijuana edibles here.
It’s on the air.
Not even the alcohol and tobacco industries have gone this far. Colorado not only has a radio talk show devoted to marijuana in Colorado Springs, but also a marijuana radio station debuted in Denver this week: Smokin 94.1.

“I have created a unique radio format, there is no radio station anywhere in the country like Smokin 94.1,” says the station’s creator, Mark Paskins. “There is not a better fit for our mornings than [morning host] Bubba the Love Sponge. He loves weed, fast cars, hot girls, and rock music. I think Bubba will take Denver by storm.” Other hosts on the show, which combines pot talk with pot music, include Ed Blaze, Gary Ganja, and Stoney Reynolds (no comments here either).
Read article here.
It’s in our clothes.
“Your clothes can now get you stoned,” proclaims a press release for vapRwear. The company has designed a hoodie whose drawstrings are a vaporizer for inhaling marijuana. In its own words, “The only garment to integrate high-quality, custom-designed activewear and discreet functionality. Each vapRwear hoodie is engineered with an inconspicuous hoodlace, concealing the dlo3 e-cig vapesystem to burn your fav medium – e-juice, oil, dry herb, or wax. Shred the gnar, jam with the band, chill with your crew – and rep the latest trend: vapRwear." 
One end of the hoodie’s draw string is a vaporizer which can be concealed in a pocket close to the neck. The other end goes into the wearer's mouth to inhale.
See YouTube demonstration here. See company website here

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