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Scams, More Scams, and Just Plain Frauds
Many medical marijuana legalization advocates recommend that patients consult a “medical marijuana doctor” who is knowledgeable about “cannabis therapy.” We are unaware of any US medical school that offers training in “cannabis therapy” or any state that certifies “medical marijuana” physicians.
This year, the Georgia Legislature passed HB1, which legalized cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the treatment of intractable seizures and seven other illnesses. Patients who obtain a “Low THC Oil Registry Card”  from the Georgia Department of Health, which they can do online for a fee of $25, are immune from prosecution if they possess up to 20 ounces of CBD oil containing up to five percent THC. HB1 also established a commission to recommend to next year’s legislature how best to grow marijuana, process it into the oil, and distribute it to patients.
Even though CBD Oil is not available this year, medical marijuana doctors are coming out of the woodwork. Pictured above are four medical marijuana stains on a new website called MDHerb. The website announced in mid-July 2015 that it is available to Georgians to “provide educational content about cannabis to the everyday general consumer. Our content comes directly from the top RN's and MD's in the industry, and we strive to help provide you with resources to help you find the proper medication for your ailments. We here at MDHerb have created an organization that we believe fulfills the promise of medical cannabis information on the Internet.” MDHerb’s chief medical liaison is a chiropractor, and the organization provides information about which marijuana strains cure what illnesses from Leafly. Leafly promotes itself as the world's largest cannabis strain resource. It ranks more than 1,000 marijuana strains for their alleged effects based on user reviews and publishes maps showing the locations of thousands of dispensaries in medical marijuana states.
Another Internet organization, MD-Marijuana Doctors invites Georgians to “Find a Marijuana Doctor on the #1 Medical Marijuana Portal. GEORGIA Patients: Complete the form at right to find a certified physician near you.” That would be a “certified physician” who is not the patient’s own doctor, a provision of HB1.
Yesterday came the announcement of a third group of “medical marijuana” docs: “First Medical Cannabis Clinic in Georgia Receives Patients From Marijuana Doctor Network.” The clinic, Aerete Integrative Medicine of Atlanta, actually has an office. For $225 and access to their medical records, Aerete’s staff of “Board Certified physicians” will help qualifying patients obtain a $25 Low THC Registry Card, something patients are perfectly able to do themselves via the Internet. It turns out that Aerete is a member of MD-Marijuana Doctors. At the bottom of its webpage is a list “MD-Marijuana Doctor’s Partners. They are “Medical Marijuana Dispensaries” and “Marijuana Legalization Petition.”
Visit MDHerb here.  Visit Leafly here. Visit MD-Marijuana Doctors here. Visit Aerete Integrative Medicine of Atlanta here.
Colorado Rejects PTSD as
Ailment Eligible for Medical Marijuana

Last week, we reported that Colorado was to consider whether to add PTSD to its lists of conditions that medical marijuana could treat. For once, science prevailed. In a 6 to 2 vote, the Colorado Board of Health rejected PTSD as a condition for medical marijuana treatment. The state’s chief medical officer had recommended that PSTD be added to the list of conditions. But the American Psychiatric Society opposed the addition on the grounds that, “the science we have … overwhelmingly demonstrates more harm than good at this point in time,” according to Dr. Doris Gunderson who testified on behalf of the Society. Colorado has funded two studies to determine whether it is safe or effective to treat PTSD with the drug, but the studies are just getting underway.
Read article here

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