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Availability drives use. Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 but not cultivation and dispensaries until 2009. By 2011, more than 500 dispen-saries were selling pot, about half in Denver; the rest spread across the state. That year, far more Denver 6th-12th grade students used marijuana than those in the rest of the state. The levels reflect use from at least once to more than 100 times during their lives.
It's all about the money. The Today Show this week announced that wealthy investors raised $50 million to purchase rights from the Bob Marley family to create the first global brand of marijuana, "Marley Natural." They expect their investment will produce $40-$50 billion in the U.S. and $150 billion worldwide in the black market and legal market. Oh, and they plan to lobby to change laws so they can actually sell their new product.
Dr. Kevin Sabet explains the impact of marijuana legalization in states that approved it. Legalization has led to a steep rise in marijuana potency and increases in marijuana-related car crashes and poisonings, especially among very young children who eat marijuana-infused candies accidentally, he says. He spoke at Let's Be Clear Georgia: A Collaborative to Prevent Marijuana Use, sponsored by the Council on Alcohol and Drugs. 
Seeking a license to cultivate marijuana in Canada, Lexaria announces it will comply with recommendations of the College of Family Physicians. The doctors say medical marijuana is not appropriate for patients under age 25. If Lexaria receives a growing license, it says it will not sell medical marijuana containing more than 0.3% THC to anyone under age 25, in line with the College's recommendation.
A CBS reporter bought medical mari-ijuana samples at 12 San Francisco dispensaries and had the samples tested. No medicine contained what its label claimed. "Edipure" said it con-tained 100 milligrams but only contained 01.3—98.7% off. Worse, 40% of the samples contained mold and mildew and 15% of hash oil contained benzene.
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