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What you get with legalization:
thousands of marijuana products
Ever since California legalized marijuana for medical use in 1996, people have been making marijuana products. As we have noted before, no marijuana manufacturer in any legal state has sought FDA approval of its product(s) for medical use. Regulations of recreational products vary across the eight states that have fully legalized the drug.
This means buyer beware. The marijuana products you buy come with no guarantees they’re safe or effective, free from contaminants, can deliver a consistent dose, or that the potency claimed on their labels is accurate.
Liquid Gold Honey, for example, warns browsers on its website to start with low doses but fails to say what a low dose is. The company boasts its product is infused with Liquid Gold Cannabis Oil and each jar contains 200 mg of THC. So, what is a low dose? A single drip from a honey stick? A teaspoon full? A tablespoon?
The company also cautions patients to “beware of mold and fungi” and to avoid respiratory irritation by practicing harm reduction.
Literally thousands of marijuana products are on the market in legal states and many can be ordered online even though all are illegal under federal law.
We have provided a sampling of these products. Please be patient. The files are large so you can read the labels; they will take a bit longer to download than usual. See them here, hereand here.

Marijuana Edibles--Candies
Everyone who cares about children worries about marijuana-infused candies that appeal to children.
The tobacco industry’s blatant marketing to kids ended with the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement in 1998. Since then, smoking has gone down significantly among children and adults.  Americans responded to public-health campaigns financed with settlement money that went to nonprofit organizations urging children not to start and adults to quit.
There is no doubt the marijuana industry targets youth. This be seen clearly with the variety of marijuana candies producers are making and aiming at kids despite industry denials. Sound familiar?
We’ve gathered a few samples for you to see here and here.

Celebrity marijuana brands: Whoopie and Maya
Celebrities cannot seem to cash in on the lucrative trend fast enough. Whoopie Goldberg and her friend Maya have developed a line of marijuana products they say relieves menstrual cramps.
See them here.

Celebrity marijuana brands: Tommy Chong
One-half of Cheech and Chong, renowned for their lifelong marijuana use, gets into the money-making – as opposed to money-spending – side of the marijuana business.
More celebrities, including Melissa Etheridge and Mike Tyson, are reported to be close to entering the marijuana business. Stay tuned.
See Tommy Chong’s products here.

CBD and cannabis oils.
CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, MD, introduced the world to CBD, extracted from a low-THC marijuana strain by the Stanley Brothers in 2014 and given to children with epilepsy to reduce their devastating intractable seizures. Like all who followed them, however, the brothers neglected to seek FDA approval of their “medicine.”

This prompted a warning letter from FDA telling them to remove medical claims from their products or face legal action that could include seizure and injunction.
Did this stop copy-cat producers from making CBD and cannabis oil products? Nope. Today, one can buy CBD from Amazon and other online outlets, where listings for different brands of CBD number close to 500.
See a sampling of CBD products here. See FDA Warning Letter to the Stanley Brothers here.

Celebrity marijuana brands: Montel Williams
Montel Williams has long advocated for the legalization of marijuana. Now he is developing a line of marijuana products.
See them here.

Celebrity marijuana brands: Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is also cashing in on the trend.
You can see his marijuana products here.

Celebrity marijuana brands: Marley Natural
The family of Bob Marley introduced a line of marijuana products a few years ago in an effort to profit from his legendary popularity after his death at age 36 in 1981.
See Marley Natural marijuana products here.

Celebrity Marijuana Brands: Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg, longtime fan of marijuana, now sells a line of products containing his favorite drug.
See them here.

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