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If cannabis is not addictive, neither is heroin or alcohol, finds a 20-year review in Addiction, concluding: 1 in 6 adolescents become addicted. Regular use doubles the risk of developing psychotic disorders and impairs intellectual development in teens. Driving after smoking marijuana doubles the risk of having a car crash. See “Expert's devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless.” 
A start-up ad agency, Cannabrand, is “weeding out the stoners.” It wants to “show the world that normal, professional, successful people consume (not smoke) cannabis (not marijuana).” It sees a huge, untapped market of potential "consumers"—women, young people, business professionals, grandmothers, and soccer moms. See “In Colorado, a Rebranding of Pot Inc.” 
More doctors weigh in on dangers of medical and recreational marijuana, saying that while it may have some benefit to certain end-of-life diseases (i.e. improving appetite in late stage cancer), the risk of marijuana’s serious side effects far outweigh its benefits. They add, “Marijuana under the age of 25 causes irreversible, permanent damage to brain cells and should be avoided. Period.” See “Legalization will boost post use, brain damage.”
Governor John Hickenlooper says it was reckless to legalize marijuana. “For us to do that without having all the data” was reckless, he said. “If it was up to me, I wouldn't have done it. I opposed it from the very beginning.” He is concerned that teenage users will experience long-term memory loss. See “Colorado Governor Says Voters Were ‘Reckless’ to Legalize Marijuana.”
Opponents of Florida's proposed Amendment 2 have a new ad up on TV. Dr. Madelyn Butler warns Amendment 2 is a trick, implying medical marijuana will require a doctor's prescription. "It won't," she says. "There's nothing medical about this marijuana." Click on photo at left or see "Amendment 2 Televised Ad, "It's A Trick."
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