May 16, 2014

A Special 2014 Graduate’s Perspective...
By Landon Mills, son of Gene and Blanche Mills

I can see now what I could not before, how the Lord guides just as He promises, how a professor’s worldview reveals who they are, and how I have changed during my short tenure at LSU. I imagine that for some, graduation is an anxious time where the reality of life and responsibility come quicker than we wish. Mostly, I see the Lord’s faithfulness in this closing season.
In June 2011, through no merit of my own, Christ intervened in my life according to His mercy and grace. As an International Studies major, classes were filled with discussions of global disease, war, and human suffering. That summer it was shown to me that the source of these problems came from the wickedness of the human heart, including my own.

At LSU we didn't hear the doctrine of depravity taught. Edward Long Jr., in his book, Higher Education as a Moral Enterprise, observes, “The so-called curriculum is a set of hoops that somebody says students ought to jump through before graduation. Nobody seems to have asked, how do people become good?” I can attest that Marx, Freud, and Darwin did not offer me much help with that question. I rejoice that, while there, I was made a disciple of Christ, whose truth is revealed through His word.

My time at Louisiana State University was ordained. With scripture, a caring shepherd, friends, and family, I have found answers to some of academia’s big questions. What is the chief end of man? What value does man have? Where do we come from? What is evil? I found those answers in that glorious and ordained book formerly central to all of life. In scriptures light, I have also found meaningful relationships founded on truth and centered around my involvement within a local church.
"Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For His sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ.”  Philippians 3:7-8.
My next step begins this weekend, where I will try out for the Louisiana Army National Guard’s Special Response Team. Immediately following, I am to attend Officer Candidate School, hopefully acquiring an accelerated slot to receive my commission as quickly as possible. My desire is to share the Gospel within this organization, which uses familiar words like “glory” and “honor,” and to show them Christ and how His Glory is the highest Glory.

To the many friends and family that have walked beside me in this journey, I thank God for each of you. Your prayers, support, and counsel have been sustaining every step of the way. To my fellow graduates, God speed.

Landon Mills
Louisiana Army National Guard, Officer Candidate
2014, LSU Graduate, International Studies

Capitol Updates This Week...

HB 388 by Rep. Katrina Jackson, requires abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges. This bill passed the Senate on Wednesday by a vote of 34-3. Out of the five abortion facilities in Louisiana, only five of them have admitting privileges. We commend Rep. Katrina Jackson and Sen. Sharon Broome along with our friends throughout the pro-life community.

HB 369 by Rep. Patricia Smith, requires teaching contraceptive sex education to public school students. This bill received only three votes and is dead for the Session. Rep. Smith's HB 393 passed out of House Education which allows the state to survey students about their sexual practices. This bill is now headed to the House.

HB 907 by Rep. Karen St. Germain, creates a National ID and a standard Louisiana Drivers License that is not Real ID compliant. Concern remains with the undisclosed cost to Louisiana involved in implementing an unfunded, bifurcated national ID and privacy issues in validating that Louisiana residents are not a threat to Homeland Security.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
P.S. Our prayer for all 2014 graduates:

"Dear Lord, as our graduates look toward the future, bright hope conducts this prayer. We know the plans You have for them were wrought with Your divine care. Holy Spirit, lead them and let them run at Your command. May they be still and know that You are God especially when trouble is close at hand. Your Word will be a lamp for them, and a guide to light their way. May everything they say and do bring glory to Your Name. Show them Your favor and at all times keep them blessed as Your face shines upon them with peace and perfect rest."
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