2011 Port Declaration

A Classic Vintage
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Adrian Bridge:
“2011 has produced textbook Vintage Ports, classics in every sense. The wines have a wonderful purity and elegance but also plenty of background and structure. Our 2009 declaration showed that demand remains strong for new release Vintage Ports and we expect it to grow further as new fine wine markets come on stream. Wine consumers all over the world are realising that Vintage Port continues to deliver astonishing value compared to many other classic wines.”
David Guimaraens:
“Abundant winter rainfall created reserves to keep the vines well supplied with water throughout the hot, dry summer. This resulted in balanced ripening and wines that have elegance as well as depth and stamina. The 2011s stand out for the purity of the fruit and the quality of the tannins, which are silky and well integrated but provide plenty of structure.”
We offer all the leading wines from all the leading port houses, as usual production is limited and priority will be given to existing customers.
To read more about the vintage please visit http://www.decanter.com/news/wine-news/583818/port-2011-hailed-classic-as-producers-rush-to-declare

Please let us have your order as soon as possible.

William Frazier
2011 Vintage Declaration  Case Price Order
Graham's 6*75cl  Â£          240  
Dow's 6*75cl  Â£          235  
Warre's 6*75cl  Â£          205  
Smith Woodhouse 6*75cl  Â£          160  
Taylor's 12*75cl  Â£          485  
Taylor's 6*75cl  Â£          245  
Taylor's 12*37.5cl  Â£          250  
Taylor's 6*150cl  Â£          485  
Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Vinha Velha 3*75cl  Â£          322  
Fonseca 12*75cl  Â£          485  
Fonseca 6*75cl  Â£          245  
Fonseca 12*37.5cl  Â£          250  
Fonseca 6*150cl  Â£          485  
Croft 12*75cl  Â£          390  
Croft 6*75cl  Â£          199  
Croft 12*37.5cl  Â£          204  
Croft 6*150cl  Â£          390  
Skeffington  12*75cl  Â£          235  
Skeffington  6*75cl  Â£          120  
Vintage Collection. 1 Bt of each of Taylor's, Fonseca and Croft in a wooden presentation box. 3*75cl Presentation case  Â£          124  
Terms of the Offer:
Goods are offered subject to remaining unsold and are offered under bond exclusive of Duty and V.A.T.
You will be invoiced for the goods on receipt of your order, subject to allocation and confirmation, which will be due for immediate payment.
Goods will be shipped in approximately November 2013.
We will notify you when goods have arrived in England and should you have them delivered they will incur shipment and delivery charges, duty at the current rate (£32 for 12 * 75cl) and V.A.T. on the original purchase price of the wine.
Storage is free of charge whilst in Portugal once shipped we are able to store the wine in UK in our Bonded Warehouse. Wines can be left in storage at our bonded warehouse in Buxton, Derbyshire, any wines left in storage will incur a storage charge which is currently 12p + VAT per case per week which will be invoiced annually in advance.
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