Hello <<First Name>>

This is my yearly message I use to say hello and verify your email address in my contact list.

I started sending this message in 2007 and truly enjoy the conversations it creates each year.

This past year I was able to meet over 5000 new people from my networking, speeches, seminars and client work. I enjoyed connecting with and meeting so many people this past year.

If we were able to meet this past year, thank you for being a part of my 2016.

If we did not meet or talk, I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to do so. Hopefully our paths cross in the upcoming year.

For those who did not know, there are two things I do every day.

#1 - I love to help people use LinkedIn as a business tool through my programs speeches and coaching work.

#2 - I enjoy helping people in career transition through the job search groups I am fortunate to be able to volunteer in.

Give me a call, email me, send a LinkedIn message, Text or Tweet me if I can help you or anyone else you know in any way.

I wish you a Fantastic Holiday & the best 2017.

Teddy Burriss
Burriss Consulting, Inc.
LinkedIn Professional Development Coach/Trainer
(336) 283-6121
#Purpose was my word of the year for 2016
My Word of the Year for 2017 is to be announced
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