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Warmly welcome to the #4 Newsletter in 2014 with exciting success stories and updates from IOGT International, our events, Member Organizations and our Global Voices. We also bring you briefings on news concerning alcohol and other drugs policy issues from around the world.

#LifeSetFree #HeartDriven

International President Sven-Olov Carlsson

1) Reasons To Join World Congress

registration form is online and as more and more sign up, our members have started sharing WHY they will join us in Cha Am, Thailand at our 68th World Congress.

Jana-Marie, Adalsteinn, Esbjörn share their personal reasons... 

And please send us your reasons to join!

It will be a beautiful moment in the history of IOGT to
meet old and new friends and rejoice in the IOGT spirit.


2) Our Official Statement at CND 2014

The first task of a public health-oriented drug policy is to prevent drug-related problems. Environmental strategies that discourage drug use and reduce availability of illegal drugs are a central element of prevention…

Alcohol Policy issues world wide

1) Case Study Thailand: Alcohol and Trade

Alcohol Harm and Trade Globalization in Emerging Markets...

2) Alcohol An Obstacle To Development

In Sweden development agencies are putting alcohol on the agenda for improved development outcomes...

3) Alcohol And Cancer

Alcohol Control Would Prevent Cancer Incidences, which is crucial for growth in regions like East Africa...

4) Global Road Safety Week

Thailand: Dead drivers, passengers had average 1.89 blood alcohol. About 70% of people killed in road accidents during New Year and Songkran had used alcohol. 56% of all fatalities were younger than 20 years of age... 

5) South Africa: Alcohol And Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) 
WHO notes that 65% of women victims of IPV report alcohol use by the perpetrator. South Africa has the most IPV deaths in the world...

6) Global: Youth Speaking Out For Life Free From Alcohol Marketing

We see momentum growing driven by more and more young people speaking out emphatically for a life free from alcohol ads...
Prevention and Lifestyle

WILD '14: Active Summer Camp and Congress
One of Europe's most exciting youth events this summer is organised by our members Juvente and KIM Switzerland:

Active Summer Camp & Congress "WILD '14"

Expect hundreds of young people from all over Europe, numerous exciting workshops, plenty of interesting discussions and adrenaline-inducing activities - great times ahead this summer...
Success Stories from Member Organizations

1) 125 Year IOGT Germany And Still Going Strong
IOGT Germany was founded in 1889.
It celebrates its 125th birthday this year! The best way to celebrate this achievement is to bike 3.500 kilometres through Germany.


Like the Olympic Torch Relay, the Guttempler Friedensfahrt (Peace Ride) connects the place of birth of IOGT in Germany with the 2014 venue of the IOGT Germany congress and will reach thousands of IOGT members along the way. Starting in Flensburg Frank Lindemann and Dietmar Klahn will be biking for two months until they reach Hofheim/ Taunus in Hesse.

2) ADIC India Project Shows Success
For the first time in 25 years did alcohol sales drop (by 2%) in the state of Kerala, India. It means a complete reversal of the trend of increasing alcohol sales (by 10-26%) over the past 25 years.

Thanks to the MADUMUKYHI Pilot Project on Empowering Communities against Alcohol, Tobacco and other Substances - a joint initiative of the Dept. of Health, Kudumbashree State Mission and ADIC India - this could be achieved by reaching 140 Panchayats, 7,00,000 Families and 30,00,000 People covering all the 14 Districts of Kerala...

International Vice President Kristina Sperkova

1) Video Reports From CSW58 in New York

From New York and the 58th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58) we reported by making short films...

7 days in 4 videos and my blog about it all... 

2) The Bloopers - Laugh With & About Us...

Check out this brand new short film with the bloopers from our filming in New York... A lot of surprising things happen at Times Square, Grand Central and on Airports. See for yourself how we dealt with that...

Narcotic Drugs Policy issues world wide

1) Summing Up Commission on Narcotic Drugs 2014
What is that distinguishes, separates the two sides within civil society? There's much agreement and there are four issues that are dividing lines...

2) Crucial Lessons from CND 2014
In the High Level Review participants agreed that UN Conventions were flexible in terms of interpretation and application; another crucial lesson: some allegations the UN Conventions had failed were proven wrong, neither  evidence-based nor rooted in practical experience...

3) Alcohol And Other Drugs
University Health Center warns against mixing alcohol with other prescription drugs, including ADHD drugs...

4) Marijuana Harm - more evidence

Study finds: brain changes in young marijuana users. New study shows even casual marijuana use causes changes in the brain related to emotion, motivation and decision-making...

5) Project SAM Marijuana Action Summit July 19-20, 2014
Capacity-building training will be provided for participants to take with them an action plan and resources to bring home to their communities...
Rehabilitation and Social Work

1) Room for Debate in The New York Times
question for debate is: "What is addiction?
Read what 6 debaters think and join the discussion with your opinions...

2) New Publication
"Therapeutic communities for treating addictions in Europe: evidence, current practices and future challenges"

report presents how therapeutic communities have developed over time, with reference to 7 European countries and provides an overview of research into their effectiveness as a treatment option as well as their impact on wider society...
Resources and Material

1) Proudly Introducing New ADD Website

"Your gateway to information about alcohol and drugs as a development issue."

With this slogan FORUT Norway has launched
a new version of the ADD web site. This is a specialized homepage focusing on substance use as obstacle to development.

It's re-designed, re-structured and updated with new functions. The web site offers news about policies around the world, new research and documentation, methods and materials as well as links to relevant NGOs and web sites.
The address remains:

FORUT is a Norwegian development agency under the umbrella of IOGT International. With funding from the government of Norway FORUT is running the ADD Programme - Alcohol, Drugs and Development.

2) VIMEO: Brand New Video on Alcohol Marketing
The brand new video of young people, by young people, for young people (and the benefit of the whole world) on the need to grow up free from alcohol marketing. 

We're Global Majority!
58% of the global adult population choose to live free from alcohol.

And these are the testimonials of global youth speaking out for Human Rights, development and the right to grow up freely and happily...

IOGT Events Calendar 2014 

  • IOGT International Board Administrative Committee meeting, Stockholm, 12 May
  • World Youth Conference, Colombo
  • WFAD
  • WHA67
  • Stockholm Food Forum
  • Eurocare General Assembly
  • IOGT-NTO & UNF Brussels Midsummer reception

July & August
  • WILD '14: Active summer camp & congress

  • FORUT Germany Training Course, Hoya, 05-07 September
  • NCD Free Changemakers, Stockholm, TBC


  • Global Youth Meet on Youth, Health, Development, Visakhpatnam, India
2014 Advocacy Calendar

  • UN World Youth Conference, Colombo, 06-10 May
  • World Forum Against Drugs, Stockholm, 19-20 May
  • World Health Assembly (WHA67), Geneva, 19-24 May

  • Eurocare General Assembly, Brussels, 04-05 May
  • IOGT-NTO & UNF Midsummer reception, Brussels, 17 June,
  • World Water Week, Stockholm, 31 Aug - 05 Sept
  • Social Good Summit, New York, 15-18 September
  • NCD Free Changemakers, Stockholm, TBC
  • 1st Baltic Conference on Prevention of FASD, Vilnius, 26 September
  • European Health Forum Gastein, Gastein, 01-03 October
  • One Young World Summit, Dublin, 15-19 October
  • Blog Action Day, Online, 16 October
  • IOGT International 68th World Congress, Cha Am, 25-31 October


  • 3rd City Health International Conference, Amsterdam, 03-04 November
  • AidEx The global humanitarian and development aid event, Brussels, 12-13 November
  • Global Youth Meet on Youth, Health, Development, Visakhpatnam, India, 19-21 November
  • 6th European Alcohol Policy Conference, Brussels, 27-28 November
  • World Diabetes Conference, Melbourne, 02-06 December
  • World Cancer Conference, Melbourne, 03-06 December 
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