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Warmly welcome to the #3 Newsletter in 2014 with exciting news and updates from IOGT International, our events, Member Organizations and our Global Voices. We also bring you briefings on news concerning alcohol and other drugs policy issues from around the world.

#LifeSetFree #HeartDriven

From International President Sven-Olov Carlsson
In this Newsletter I have two updates for you

1) 68th IOGT International World Congress

The registration form is finally online!
Many people have started signing up and I hope you will, too!

As the hosts IOGT Thailand and Stop Drink Network start gearing up the final preparations, our World Congress website starts taking shape.

The topic for the 68th World Congress is "Alcohol in All Policies." 

It will also be a beautiful place to meet old and new friends and rejoice in the IOGT spirit.

2) IOGT meets IFMSA

In the end of this week, two amazing IOGT members - one from Sri Lanka and the other one from Sweden - will join IFMSA in Tunisia and hold workshops for medical students from all around the world on the topics: community-based actions to counter Big Alcohol and innovative approaches to health promotion.

Esbjörn wrote a fantastic blog about IOGT meets IFMSA - meet our fantastic members and learn all about our cooperation with IFMSA.


Alcohol Policy issues world wide

1) Uganda Alcohol Policy Round-up 
Examples of Big Alcohol's unethical conduct and policy responses by decision-makers on local and national level...

2) Post-2015 agenda
Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals
- position paper on health in the SDGs...

3) Latin America: Systematic review of alcohol use & sexual risk taking
27 studies showed direct or indirect association between alcohol use and risky sex...

4) Alcohol harm in children
Alcohol A Consistent Thread Among Disparate Risk
Factors related to child abuse and neglect...

5) Alcohol research: Measuring that burden 
Current reviews: Alcohol's evolving impact on individuals, families and society...

6) England: Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis - a cohort study, '98-2009: A comparison with cancer
Occurrences of cirrhosis increased more than that of cancer. Strategies to reduce and prevent incidences of this disease are urgently needed... 

7) Europe: Health inequalities & regional development 
WHO Europe: Positioning health equity and social determinants of health on the regional development agenda...

8) USA: Liquor privatisation bad for youth
Study: Washington's privatisation of liquor sales has had negative effect on young people, from looser attitudes about alcohol to more alcohol-related emergency room visits...
Prevention and Lifestyle issues world wide

1) IOGT joins alcohol game #Neknomination 

Kristina writes in her blog:
"It’s like the alcohol culture has finally produced the ultimate parody on itself..." and produces her own video.
Check out what she drinks and who she nominates for the challenge...

And also get inspired by what UNF, IOGT Polska, and NOM Slovakia managed to come up with...

2) Naturally High

An awesome campaign in the USA, promoting a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs: Natural High.

"We exist to empower youth to discover and pursue what they truly love to do, so they have a reason to say no to an artificial high..."
Success Stories from Member Organizations

1) NOM Slovakia & Inspire Freedom Campaign

Last weekend our member organisation NOM organised a workshop to address the topic of alcohol-related violence against women and girls and discuss solutions - which are presented in the Inspire Freedom Community Action Guide 

2) IOGT Polska, gender equality and empowerment

IOGT Polska has launched a new project: a football team for girls!
This is huge because football is still a male domain in Poland and IOGT Polska offers now an opportunity for girls to learn how to play, and in doing so empower them and strengthen their self-esteem.

From International Vice President Kristina Sperkova
In the #3 Newsletter I share two updates with you

1) Inspire Freedom meets Inside Out Project

I have made a brand new video about our Inspire Freedom Campaign action - pasting to take back the public space:

And here is the page about our Inspire Freedom activity on the official website of the Inside Out Project!

2) Parallel Event at United Nations CSW58

Many people have been asking for more information about our Parallel Event in New York. So, I wrote a blog entry: "Introducing Our Parallel Event..." Check out the newsletter of NCD Free that reported about our event: "Healthy communities need healthy women" 

Background information can be found here: 
1) Kenya: Impact of Interventions targeting alcohol use on HIV Transmission 
2) Progress made on intersection of HIV/ Aids, Violence Against Women and gender-related deaths

Narcotic Drugs Policy issues world wide

1) Americas: Recapture of most-wanted drug lord
NYT: "How a king-pin above the law fell, incredibly, without a shot" "Recapture of Mexico's most-wanted drugs lord boosts Nieto but cartels go on"...

2) Narcotics and criminality
Drugs, guns, assassinations: Silk road successor Utopia shut down by police...

3) New tool: behavioural health tracker
U.S. "Barometer" will track key indicators of behavioural health problems including rates of under-age use of alcohol and other drugs...

4) USA: Evidence on marijuana harm 
Driving under the influence of marijuana: Increasingly a problem...

5) Europe: 3rd European summer school on "Illicit drugs in Europe"
Registration is now open to sign up and learn more about demand, supply and public policies...

6) Legalising drugs would bring not freedom but enslavement 
Pro-drug liberals are blind to side-effects of their theories. Most parents don't want their children exposed to such experiments...

7) Esbjörn and IOGT International back in Vienna
On Wednesday and Thursday IOGT International Executive-Director will attend the CND Intersessional meeting as well as have a number of meetings with different stakeholders; follow Esbjörn in his blog...
Rehabilitation and Social Work

1) Room for Debate in The New York Times

The question for debate is: "What is addiction?" Is addiction a disorder, a matter of human frailty or something else? 

Read what 6 debaters think and join the discussion with your opinions.

2) #SoberLife role models gallery on Pinterest 

New additions to our gallery of celebrities living free from alcohol and other drugs...
In our Pinterest gallery...

3) Celebrity Advocacy

Matthew Perry goes on university lecture series talking about addiction...
Opportunities for members

1) MasterCard Foundation opportunity

The Foundation is inviting NGOs to present collaborative models that will enable disadvantaged youth to build successful livelihoods.

Interested and qualified parties can review the request for proposals and are invited to submit an expression of interest by e-mail until March 5, 2014...

2) Scholarship Award

OFID's scholarship program sponsors outstanding young students from developing countries through graduate studies in a development-related disciplin.

The OFID Scholarship Portal is now open to receive applications for 2014/ 2015. To apply, follow the link...

3) Find many more exciting stories
... here ...

IOGT Events Calendar 2014 

  • IOGT International Administrative Committee, Stockholm, 03 March
  • Parallel Event at CSW58

  • Side Event at CND56 

  • Side Event at CND56 

  • FORUT Germany Training Course, Hoya, 05-07 September


2014 Advocacy Calendar

  • IFMSA General Meeting, Tunisia, 03-09 March 
  • UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58), New York, 10-21 March
  • UNODC Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND57), Vienna, 13-21 March
  • Cities For Youth International Conference, Reykjavik, 19-20 March  
  • World Urban Forum, Medellin, 05-11 April 
  • 47th Commission on Development & Population, New York, 07-11 April
  • UN World Youth Conference, Colombo, 06-10 May
  • World Forum Against Drugs, Stockholm, 19-20 May
  • World Health Assembly (WHA67), Geneva, 19-24 May

  • World Water Week, Stockholm, 31 Aug - 05 Sept
  • Social Good Summit, New York, 15-18 September
  • NCD Free Changemakers, Stockholm, TBC
  • 1st Baltic Conference on Prevention of FASD, Vilnius, 26 September
  • European Health Forum Gastein, Gastein, 01-03 October
  • One Young World Summit, Dublin, 15-19 October
  • Blog Action Day, Online, 16 October
  • IOGT International 68th World Congress, Cha Am, 25-31 October
  • 3rd City Health International Conference, Amsterdam, 03-04 November
  • AidEx The global humanitarian and development aid event, Brussels, 12-13 November
  • 6th European Alcohol Policy Conference, Brussels, 27-28 November
  • World Diabetes Conference, Melbourne, 02-06 December
  • World Cancer Conference, Melbourne, 03-06 December 
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