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Kristina in East Africa

The Vice President of IOGT International, Kristina Sperkova, is right now in East Africa. Among other things, did she conduct a workshop and training session for effective and heart-driven alcohol policy advocacy with the East African Alcohol Policy Alliance (EAAPA). Last September EAAPA formed its new board at the 3rd East African Conference on Alcohol. The workshop and training session death with "Advocacy Action planning. Planning. Mobilising. Executing." The tool-kit and material will be online shortly.

Esbjörn in South East Asia

The Executive Director of IOGT International, Esbjörn Hörnberg, is, among other things, meeting with our friends from IOGT Thailand, to discuss the upcoming IOGT International congress in Thailand: October 27 - 31, 2014 in Hua Hin Thailand.  Esbjörn also conducts a number of meetings with decision-makers often together with the members of IOGT International, like PDP-Center in Cambodia, to promote and assist in the implementation of cost-effective and high-impact alcohol policies that foster development. Learn more in his blogg.


#OrangeDay Campaign of IOGT makes Success

To commemorate, acknowledge or highlight a problem, UN usually choose a day that is emphasized annually but not in this case. The 25th of each (!) month is orange to remind the citizens of this planet of the severity of violence against women and girls. IOGT International supports this initiative on every 25th of each month: Say NO – unite to end violence against women”. It can be easy to say NO. But how easy is it to act? If we want a change, our wish needs to lead to actions. One of the triggers of violence against women and girls is alcohol use. Therefore IOGT International suggests something very simple: let's make each 25th an alcohol free day to support the cause and raise awareness and eventually set women and girls free.

Our European youth platform, Active - sobriety, friendship and peace has decided to join our campaign! Here is their first video:

Brenda's Blog

Violence Against Women

Recent incidences in Malawi and India of abuse of women clearly show a broken culture where perpetrators are excused and victims blamed. The use of alcohol plays often a strong role in excusing anti-social behaviour, like sexism or racism and to eliminate violence against women and girls we need to stop excusing alcohol violence, reduce the use of alcohol and built a different, better culture that does not objectify women and girls but empowers them.

Diyanath's Blog

So much PLEASURE! So much JOY!!

What are the real effects of alcohol? Many reasons, myths and beliefs circulate around, perpetrated by an industry that earns money on them. But some rather basic real science may be getting submerged in this seemingly super science din. It is time for some laid back skeptical scrutiny. Let us embark on this exploration, in small steps..

Elisabeth's Blog

Why promote a DryJanuary?

An alcohol free month, as is implemented by a campaigner for Civil Society in the UK these days, to raise awareness of alcohol's role in life, but alcohol industry is against it and has weird reasons...

Roger's Blog

The Story of Abdul

An overwhelming story of how poverty, alcohol and other drugs, and crime put young lives on the line, and about how to get back on the feet...

Upcoming Events 2013

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WHO Executive Board 132 - Geneva, Switzerland


20th African Union Summit - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


3rd HLP Post-2015 Agenda - Monrovia, Liberia


Intl Seminar on Role of the State in Responding to VAW - London, UK


World Cancer Day 2013 - World Wide


Alcohol Prevention For Youth - FAKE FREE


Commission for Social Development - New York, USA


The Hope Share: a live Storytelling Event - World Wide


Understanding the Burden of Liver Disease - why urgent action is needed - Brussels, Belgium


Commission on the Status of Women 57 - New York, USA


5th Annual Women's Empowerment Principles - New York, USA


Informal dialogue NGO consultation NCDs Global Action Plan - Geneva, Switzerland


Commission on Narcotic Drugs - Vienna, Austria


Administrative Committee Meeting - IOGT International Headquarters


NSM NCD Conference 2013 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


4th Annual East African Health and Scientific Conference - Kigali, Rwanda


European Training Course - Tartu, Estonia


Building Blocks for Sound Alcohol Policies - Washington DC, USA


23rd World Economic Forum on Africa - Cape Town, South Africa


66th World Health Assembly - Geneva, Switzerland


ICPD International Conference on Human Rights - The Hague, Netherlands


HEARTBEAT 2013 Summer Camp - Bosnia and Herzegovina


World Conference on Health Promotion - Pattaya, Thailand

Policy Update for Evidence-Based, High-Impact Alcohol Regulations

Busting alcohol myths: Alcohol use may have long-term negative effect on sexual performance
A new study suggests substance abuse impairs sexual performance in men, even after they stop using alcohol or other drugs. 

Busting alcohol myths: Alcohol-fuelled sleep "less satisfying"
A tipple before bedtime may get you off to sleep faster but alcohol disrupts your night's slumber, say researchers. The London Sleep Centre team says studies show alcohol upsets our normal sleep cycles. It robs us of one of our most satisfying types of sleep, where dreams occur

Abstaining from alcohol in January "not enough" liver experts say
Many people abstain from alcohol in January to counter the excess of Christmas and New Year but liver experts have warned this is not enough to undo the long-term damage caused. Year-round action is needed to protect the liver from the effects of alcohol, including at least two alcohol free days per week.

USA: Number of ER visits involving energy drinks doubled from 2007 - 2011
Living The number of emergency room visits involving energy drinks doubled in the four years from 2007-2011, reaching a peak of more than 20,000, according to a government report. During that period the popularity of energy drinks has surged on college campuses, in bars and convenience stores. The report found most cases involved teens or young adults. About 42% of ER cases in 2011 involved energy drinks combined with alcohol or other drugs like Ritalin or Adderall.

NordAN urges airline companies and hotels to abandon free alcohol
The Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network with over 80 member organisations from Nordic and Baltic countries, calls airline companies to rethink their policies on alcohol and end giving out free alcohol on board as alcohol is no ordinary commodity and may cause serious problems in this extraordinary situation. NordAN also calls hotels to make hotel rooms alcohol-free and asks hotels to leave alcohol out of the hotel rooms' minibars.

China: Hainan province has enforced a ban of alcohol at official receptions
Hainan authorities have issued rules regulating the use of alcohol among civil servants. Government officials in the province's Baoting county are strictly prohibited from using alcohol. But applying the rules to the entire province is a new issue.

New Zealand: Police Commissioner says solving the country's alcohol problems would get rid of most criminal offending, and legislation is needed to achieve this
Mr Marshall says police find that their quietest days are Good Friday and Easter Sunday - when little or no alcohol is sold. However, he says, New Year's Eve was a different story. Solving alcohol problems would reduce crime by 60-70%. Police have made submissions to Parliament about the problem.

New Zealand: Changing Kiwi booze culture: time to address the elephant in the pub
New Zealand has far too many alcohol users. The costs can be measured in different ways and to get a true picture of alcohol related harm, such costs should be described and measured accurately. It makes sense to treat alcohol the way we are treating tobacco smoking: stop promotion, address marketing strategies, plain packaging, decrease alcohol content, put the prices way up and increase the tax take.

USA: Many doctors skip alcohol screening and miss patients' alcohol problems
Doctors miss alcohol use problems in almost 75% of patients because they do not conduct alcohol screening, a new study finds. Instead many doctors rely on gut feelings. By asking a few questions about alcohol use habits, doctors can spot alcohol problems and help patients.

New Publication: Alcohol problems in the criminal justice system: an opportunity for intervention
Alcohol is linked with crime, especially violent crime. Many people are incarcerated because of alcohol-related crime. Alcohol is not permitted in prisons except in a very few cases, and illicit use of alcohol in prison is not a major problem. Nevertheless, imprisonment gives an opportunity to tackle alcohol problems in prisoners, with potential for positive effects on their families and friends and a reduction in the risk of re-offending, the costs to society and health inequalities. This publication describes an integrated model of care for alcohol problems in prisoners, with elements for best practice.

US looks at ways of reducing underage exposure to online alcohol marketing

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US is reviewing data from 14 big alcohol producers to dive into the ways they are using the Internet and social media to promote their products.

The study will produce recommendations on ways that the alcoholic beverage industry can better protect underage viewers from seeing its advertisements online.

Alcohol producers spend millions of dollars into brand promotion on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

USA: Government looking at ways of reducing underage exposure to online alcohol marketing
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US is reviewing data from 14 big alcohol producers to dive into the ways they are using the internet and social media to promote their products. The study will produce recommendations on ways that the alcohol industry can better protect underage viewers from seeing its advertisements online. Alcohol producers spend millions of dollars into brand promotion on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

UK: Alcohol industry encourages alcohol use on Facebook
Alcohol companies are using Facebook to encourage alcohol use - and in doing so undermining a government drive they signed up for, experts warn.

Narcotic Drugs Policy Briefing

Marijuana still a drug with no accepted medical use
Appellate judges defer to federal health experts and side with the DEA. Marijuana will continue to be considered a highly dangerous drug under federal law with no accepted medical use, after U.S. appeals court refused to order a change in the government's 40-year-old drug classification schedule. The decision keeps in place an old legal split over marijuana,  a drug deemed to be as dangerous as heroin and worse than methamphetamine by federal authorities, but one that has been legalised for medical use by voters or legislators in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

Bolivia to re-accede to UN narcotic drug convention
The Bolivia has taken steps to once again become a party to the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, as amended, with reservation on the chewing of coca leaf, a traditional practice among its people. The country's re-accession was conditional on the acceptance of States that have ratified or acceded to the Single Convention of the reservation in accordance with article 50,3.
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