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WEEK #23

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates and exposing Big Alcohol.

Special Feature

This week we feature not one, but two new resources.
Scroll down to find a brand new booklet about alcohol and NCDs. And check out below our fresh new world map of alcohol industry interference and the mapping of Big Alcohol and its global lobbying front group.


For week 23, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:

  • Alcohol policy updates come from South Korea, Bhutan, Estonia, and Northern Ireland.
  • Fresh science updates explore alcohol taxation in the EU and the mental health of medical doctors in the UK.
  • Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes a raging beer war in Vietnam, marketing tactics to hook young people, and self-regulation failure in the EU.
South Korea: Government Updates Beer Tax

The South Korean government has decided to tax beer based on volume and content as opposed to the cost...
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Bhutan: Easy Alcohol Availability Major Issue

According to a new report, easily accessible, cheap industrial alcohol is a major challenge for alcohol control in Bhutan.

The report, prepared by the Good Governance Committee, was submitted for deliberation at the on-going 23rd session of the National Council (NC). It was reported that as of November 30, 2017 the number of bars had increased to 4,118.

Given pervasive alcohol harm and the absence of comprehensive policy solutions, the committee recommended that government focus on addressing the issues, affirmative actions to ensure responsible parenting, affordable recreational facilities, rehabilitation services and to explore taxation and pricing policy.
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Estonia: Alcohol Use Hits 10 Year Low

Consumption of alcohol in Estonia has decreased to the lowest level seen in a decade, reports an analysis entitled “Estonia’s alcohol market, consumption and policy in 2018.”

Last year, Estonian residents consumed an average of 10.1 liters of pure alcohol per capita. This is the lowest reported level of alcohol consumption over the last decade.

While the progress of 2018 is significant a threat to this achievement is looming over Estonia. The country achieved this progress in 2018 on reducing alcohol harm through the implementation of evidence-based alcohol control policy, including raising alcohol taxes. Unfortunately the new Estonian government has decided to slash the alcohol tax by 25%.
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Northern Ireland: High Costs of Alcohol Problems in Older People

Alcohol problems among older people (over 50 years of age) in Northern Ireland is costing the health service £125 million per year. The number of alcohol-related deaths in Northern Ireland reached the highest level since records began in 2001. The largest number in deaths in 2017 was among those aged 45-54, closely followed by those aged 55-64.
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Stay up to date about all other alcohol policy news from around the world with the daily updates on our news feed.

Alcohol Taxation in the European Union

"Comparing Alcohol Taxation throughout the European Union"

Research Article
Find out more...

One in Three Medics Use Alcohol to Self-Medicate

"Does occupational distress raise the risk of alcohol use, binge-eating, ill health and sleep problems among medical doctors? A UK cross-sectional study"

Occupational and environmental medicine

Find out more...

Keep in the loop about all alcohol (policy) science updates from around the world with our science hub.

Vietnam: Beer War Unfolds As Country Discusses Alcohol Law
Read all about Big Alcohol's tactics in Vietnam...

Big Alcohol Targets Millennials
With “Wellness” Products, Youth-Specific Marketing

Read all about Big Alcohol's new attempts to hook youth...

EU: Liquor Industry Lets Down Consumers (Again)
Read all about another self-regulation embarrassment...

For more Big Alcohol monitoring, stay tuned with the #BigAlcoholExposed campaign.

Special feature: Brand new material
New Resource #1: World Map of Big Alcohol Interference

IOGT International has released a brand new resource to map the global alcohol industry, reveal Big Alcohol’s lobbying front group and to illustrate concrete case stories of alcohol industry interference from around the world.

Download the new mind map for free, here (PDF).

New Resource #2: Alcohol and NCDs – Harm and Solutions

IOGT International has released a brand new resource to illustrate how alcohol fuels the global NCDs tsunami – based on latest scientific evidence – and to outline cost-effective solutions for change.

Download the new booklet for free, here (PDF).

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