The Update #CSW57 Edition is about IOGT International's campaign for Women's Rights and Gender Equality and our efforts towards ending violence against women and girls.

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IOGT International Goes #CSW57

This is a brief update about what the IOGT International representatives Vice President Kristina Sperkova and Policy Officer Maik Dünnbier did and experienced in New York at the United Nations 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57).

This year's topic of the CSW57 was the "Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls" and thus for IOGT International it served a fantastic platform to raise awareness among decision-makers and NGOs about alcohol as huge factor behind up to 80% of cases of gender-based violence.

We attended High-level governments panels and round-table discussion, got to know important evidence, networked during sessions with NGOs and decision-makers from around the world, spread our knowledge and our material, monitored the developments also for years to come, participated in Side Events and finally we held our own so called Parallel Event with the title: "The Forgotten Factor Behind Gender-Based Violence".

And we even issued our statement endorsed by a number of decision-makers from around the world.

6000 Minds And Hearts To End The World's Pandemic

More than 6000 participants are registered for the event. Imagine the power! Imagine the momentum. 6000 minds and hearts have gathered in NYC at the UN CSW57 to end this pandemic. I realised the importance of NGOs, not less the importance of the work of IOGT International and all our members and partners.

At the moment, there is a major focus put on tertiary prevention – easing the harm, taking care of survivors of violence. Which I consider incredibly important and I believe the countries feel the urge to fix the wound that hurts the most. At the same time, if we want to eliminate the violence against women and girls, we need to look at the cause – which is the status of women and the power relations between men and women.

Several countries were mentioning involvement of men in the solution. Challenging the concept of masculinity as the term for toughness, roughness, lack of emotion, sympathy, and empathy. Alcohol culture promoting macho-culture serves just like an oil to the fire and that is why I was pleased to hear at least from two countries (Uganda and South Africa) that they take alcohol use into consideration when preventing violence against women. So IOGT International is not standing alone. Let’s see what discoveries the coming days bring…

And on 8 March we rock the show with our own Parallel Event bringing attention to the evidence of alcohol violence against women and girls. Here is the presentation we used with everything you need to know...

IOGT Statement at CSW57

We want to share with you our (oral) statement: "On Comprehensive Action For Eliminating Violence Against Women And Girls"

IOGT International was not given the opportunity to address the CSW57 but we want to publish our statement. We are very proud of it because it has already won endorsement of a number of decision-makers from around the world.

"It is simple really: Seen with the eyes of little girls, of wives and girlfriends, of female co-worker and of ordinary women in the streets of Delhi and Dar Es Salaam, Johannesburg, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Rio or Sydney, seen with the eyes of all these millions of women and girls, the world has an alcohol problem. 

"... In a society where Human Rights thrive and where all citizens, no matter the gender, enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities, in such a society women are set free from the burden of alcohol harm."

Blogging from New York, United Nations, #CSW57

On The Way To New York: " will be interesting to see and find out what we can do, if we can influence and make our voices heard and maybe even make a difference..."

Above The Clouds: impressions and reflections from "... high flying work for a better world for all, literally…"

This Stuff Really Matters: "And to be honest with you, Kristina and I could feel during the whole day: This really matters. The NGOS CSW Forum Consultation Day gathered almost 800 participants..."

Primary Prevention On The Way To Become A Key Issue: "I think it is powerful to be able and willing to name things as they are and to move from there to mobilizing political will to address the problem…"

IOGT Statement at #CSW57: "Not oral as planned but with impressive list of endorsements…"

More Evidence And Material

World Health Organisation presentation by Claudia Garcia Moreno Esteva at Panel 1 "Prevention of violence against women and girls" on Tuesday 5 March 2013

The presentation from our Parallel Event: "The Forgotten Factor Behind Gender Based Violence" featuring evidence on alcohol related
gender-based violence and an analysis of how poorly governments policies respond to this evidence.

Our Booklets "Alcohol Culture in Gender Zoom" and "Cheers to the family

MenEngage 10 Point Action Plan: outlines 10 concrete steps that the UN and national governments can and should take immediately
to engage men and boys in preventing violence against women.

Our Orange Day Video for simple and effective action against alcohol violence


Update #CSW57 Edition
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