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Newsletter December 2012

Here's To The Women! The Best Drink For Today 

Our Vice-President Kristina Sperkova, has written a brand new blog entry for today's #OrangeDay.
It addresses concretely and passionately what each and every one can do to help eradicating violence against women and girls.
Check out and join the discussion of her recent blog entries.
To support the message and carry our campaign into 2013, Kristina and a little team of creatives made a brilliant movie.

Here's To The Women! A YouTube movie with real taste
Together we end violence against women. Together we stop excusing alcohol violence.

#OrangeDay – it is about more than just the color

Our campaign for ending violence against women and girls and for the rights of women and gender equality, keeps steadily growing.
Kristina is writing blog entries frequently to address actions that can be taken and highlight key issues in questions of gender and alcohol.
We add new videos, pictures and new people who help us spread the campaign and make a difference for women and girls. Please sign up and feel welcome to join us.


Based on one of our great virtues right from IOGT's inception - solidarity - we are working with defending the rights of the people. When it comes to Free Trade Agreement negotiations with third parties in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, the USA and the EU act often like big bullies, encouraged by Big Alcohol. They disregard the people who live in those third countries and who want to see public health, social development and prosperity protected instead of becoming a playground for the profits of the alcohol industry.

'Tis The Season

Brenda on the Holiday Season in her latest blog entry:
"It seems to me, holiday season is when children are ignored and abandoned the most whilst parents use alcohol the days and nights away all in the name of ……. what exactly?? My wish this Christmas and New Year holiday is for all of us to take a minute and think about the effects of our actions."

Going On 2013

March 04-15
Commission on the Status of Women, CSW57
New York, USA

March 11-16
Commission on Narcotic Drugs 56
Vienna, Austria

March 24-30
European Training Course, by Active
Tartu, Estonia

April 03-05
Building blocks for sound alcohol policy
Washington D.C., USA

July 21-28
HEARTBEAT summer camp, by Active
Bosnia and Herzegovina

August 25-29
World Conference on Health Promotion
Pattaya, Thailand

September 23-25
1st Conference on Prevention of FASD
Edmonton, Canada

November 21-22
IOGT International Board meeting
Berlin, Germany

November 22-24
Rehabilitation Conference
Berlin, Germany

2014 October 27-31
IOGT International Congress 2014
Hua Hin, Thailand

Got events? Share with us!

New Material

Presentation about alcohol industry myths 
"Busting the myths. What Big Alcohol is not telling you" is a presentation to identify and look through the practices of the alcohol industry, to discuss them and to share experiences of examples, and  to look at Civil Society’s role to promote, freedom and Human Rights.

Posters, Postcards, Flyers, Videos
There are now free for download and usage, beautiful posters, exciting postcards, motion pictures and a brand new flyer about IOGT International for you on our website.

Action Alert

Final Countdown to Abstract Submission Deadline
Submit your abstracts for the 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion: Best Investments For Health. The deadline is 31st December 2012

Policy Briefing

WHO suggests increase of alcohol price to curb violence against women 

Studies conducted by the World Health Organisation show that a 1% increase in the price of an ounce of pure alcohol would decrease intimate partner violence by 5.3%. And a 10% price hike for beer would reduce the cases of college student violence by 4% annually.

Australia: Mixing alcohol and other drugs a troubling trend
The trend of young people in Australia mixing alcohol and other drugs continues, as the Holidays clearly show, as frequent and alarming newspaper reports about hospital indications show.

USA: Expanding waistlines may be due to alcohol

Those people who find it hard to drop weight despite exercising and eating healthier, low-calorie food, may be using too much alcohol. The empty calories contained in alcohol add up fast, at the same time as alcohol makes the bodies resistance to high-calorie foods futile.

Alcohol in Greenland 1951-2010: consumption, mortality, prices
A study by Hans Aage finds among other things: "The effect of alcohol taxes and rationing upon consumption is evident."

Thailand: Alcohol sales set to be banned from roadside stalls
Strarting from the New year holiday, roadside food stalls will no longer be allowed to sell alcohol. The sales of alcoholic beverages in general will be limited to 11am-2pm and 5pm-midnight, according to the Minster for Public Health Pradit Sinthawanarong.

IOGT International is a worldwide community of non-governmental organisations. The aim of IOGT International is the liberation of peoples of the world leading to a richer, freer and more rewarding life.

IOGT International is a politically independent and heart driven organization working solely from evidence based facts. The work expands from community action for children and youth to creating, facilitating and developing efficient alcohol policies. IOGT International has members all over the world and is open to everyone who wishes to see an open a democratic world free from alcohol and other drugs. Read more about our philosophy here.

The work of IOGT International is built on the basic human democratic rights. It recognises that alcohol and other drugs constitute a serious threat to the dignity and freedom of people and their societies. We are a worldwide community made up of people of all ages regardless of gender, colour, nationality, religious belief or sexual orientation. Our membership policy is founded on a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.

IOGT International is an independent and heart driven organization working. Our work ranges from providing community action to creating, facilitating and developing efficient alcohol policies.

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