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Updates from alcohol and other drugs policy issues world wide

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Warmly welcome to the #1 Newsletter in 2014 with exciting news and updates from IOGT International, our events, Member Organizations and our Global Voices. We also bring you briefings on news concerning alcohol and other drugs policy issues from around the world.

#LifeSetFree #HeartDriven

From International President Sven-Olov Carlsson
In this Newsletter I have two updates for you

1) Open Letter to President Barack Obama

"We think the issue of drug and alcohol policy will be a big part of your legacy as President, potentially undermining your goals of building a sustainable health care system, of putting the economy on track towards sustainability and of giving every young American a fair shot at the American dream…"

2) My blog on the occasion of World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, WHO released World Cancer Report 2014 showing a scary picture of the global surge of cancer. Alcohol plays a major role in the epidemic that is fuelled by Big Alcohol. Prevention measures must be implemented to turn the tide, save lives and improve lifestyles of millions. And four facts are crucial in this mission…

Alcohol Policy issues world wide

1) East Africa
"Growing Momentum of Alcohol Policy Advocacy"
Alcohol Policy Briefing - a complete review of 2013...

2) Alcohol and Poverty
"Alcohol Causes Poverty"
Some evidence from Africa...

3) Alcohol harm in Russia
"Russia's Alcohol Affair And Influence On Neighbors"
Vodka is the major cause of premature death...

4) Alcohol harm in children
Alcohol A Consistent Thread Among Disparate Risk
Factors related to child abuse and neglect...

5) Alcohol and social inequality
"City Of Amsterdam Pays Alcoholics In Beer"
Why can they not be paid the minimum wage?

6) Alcohol harm in the Americas
"Alcohol-linked Deaths A Problem For Americas"
D. Jernigan: "Most efficient thing to do, raise taxes..."
Prevention and Lifestyle issue world wide

1) Global Health Edutainment
Healthy and sustainable and hip lifestyle
NCD Free TV via YouTube

2) Stuff You Didn't About The Grammy's
Powerful Role Model For Rocking Alcohol-Free
Who would have guessed that rap could do this...

Success Stories and Best Practices from Member Organizations

1) ADIC Sri Lanka

BEST NGO of the year 2013 Award by The Nation

"The success of ADIC shows that the power of people can go beyond the power of money and profit…"

2) PDP-Center Cambodia

PDP is working 24/7 and successfully pushing alcohol policy issues forward

PDP has formed a huge network among civil society and the media with interest in alcohol policy
From International Vice President Kristina Sperkova
In the #1 Newsletter I share two updates with you

1) Inspire Freedom Campaign action

My blog about taking back the public space: World Premier As Inside Out Project Meets Inspire Freedom Campaign…

It was time to take an action we were preparing for and talking about for so long. As a part of our IOGT International Inspire Freedom Campaign, we scheduled poster pasting for this day
… and Stockholm falls in love with public space as art gallery…

2) Parallel Event at United Nations CSW58

Narcotic Drugs Policy issues world wide

1) Marijuana in the USA
"Obama On Marijuana"
The full story: looking beyond the media hype...

2) US Government stance
US Vice President Not High On Legalization
Read more here...

3) ONDCP Director At #CADCAForum 
Gil Kerlikowkse On Prevention: "Preventing drug use before it starts saves lives and money..."

4) United Kingdom and Narcotic Drugs
Deputy PM Urges Debate
"If you're anti-drugs, you should be pro-reform..."

5) Death Of P. Seymour-Hoffman
"The Tragedy Of Drug Addiction" 
Important article from the AP feat. Dr. Volkow

6) Latest Evidence
"Changing Legal Status Of Cannabis Won't Affect Overcrowded Prisons" Read more here...
Rehabilitation and Social Work

1) #LifeSetFree from addiction
Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington
In our Facebook gallery...

2) Writers in Treatment
Supporting Recovery And The Arts
With inspiring methods...

Latest Blogs from our Global Voices

1) Dalida's Blog
Sexual Objectification Of Women In Big Alcohol

Female objectification on the alcohol industry advertisement field has unashamedly targeted the male audience for generations...

2) YoungEurope Blog
Holidays, Partying And Absurdity

You know, I was out partying pretty much during the holidays. It was cool as my friends alone are enough to create awesome atmosphere...

3) Find many more exciting stories
... here ...

IOGT Events Calendar 2014 

  • IOGT International Administrative Committee, Stockholm, 03 March
  • Parallel Event at CSW58

  • Side Event at CND56 

  • Side Event at CND56 

  • FORUT Germany Training Course, Hoya, 05-07 September


2014 Advocacy Calendar

  • IFMSA General Meeting, Tunisia, 03-09 March 
  • UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58), New York, 10-21 March
  • UNODC Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND57), Vienna, 13-21 March
  • Cities For Youth International Conference, Reykjavik, 19-20 March  
  • World Urban Forum, Medellin, 05-11 April 
  • 47th Commission on Development & Population, New York, 07-11 April
  • UN World Youth Conference, Colombo, 06-10 May
  • World Forum Against Drugs, Stockholm, 19-20 May
  • World Health Assembly (WHA67), Geneva, 19-24 May

  • World Water Week, Stockholm, 31 Aug - 05 Sept
  • Social Good Summit, New York, 15-18 September
  • NCD Free Changemakers, Stockholm, TBC
  • 1st Baltic Conference on Prevention of FASD, Vilnius, 26 September
  • European Health Forum Gastein, Gastein, 01-03 October
  • One Young World Summit, Dublin, 15-19 October
  • Blog Action Day, Online, 16 October
  • IOGT International 68th World Congress, Cha Am, 25-31 October
  • 3rd City Health International Conference, Amsterdam, 03-04 November
  • AidEx The global humanitarian and development aid event, Brussels, 12-13 November
  • 6th European Alcohol Policy Conference, Brussels, 27-28 November
  • World Diabetes Conference, Melbourne, 02-06 December
  • World Cancer Conference, Melbourne, 03-06 December 
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