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International Women's Day 2015

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Dear all!  
It's this time of the year again. March 8 is fast approaching. International Women's Day. And we in IOGT International are all excited about it. So here we go sharing this excitement with you. In IOGT we have been working heart-driven for more than 160 years for women empowerment and gender equality. Our Member Organisations around the world are working every day on promoting Women's rights and advancing gender issues. This time of the year is special for us, a true matter of heart.

In this Special Edition Newsletter you'll find:
- Our global-local Inspire Freedom Flashmob to celebrate International Women's Day 2015

- Advocacy for Women's Rights: Side Event with the Permanent Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59)

- Community Action Guide: Celebrate International Women's Day and to act locally for ending alcohol-related violence against women

- Fact sheet: alcohol-related gender based violence

I hope you enjoy this special Newsletter Edition and find useful thoughts, activities and evidence in it.
And we invite you to celebrate International Women's Day 2015 with us.

Inspire Freedom Silent Disco - the flashmob in a city near you

Celebrate with us this year's International Women's Day!

The Inspire Freedom Community Action Guide provides for a number of actions – and we are really excited to announce our very first global Inspire Freedom community action day, as several Member Organisation are teaming up to celebrate International Women's Day, March 8, 2015, together.

In Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya and Cambodia our members will rock public places with the Inspire Freedom Silent Disco.

Read all about it in Kristina's blog entry and find the instructions for how to join the global-local flashmob with your own activity.
Let's join together to inspire freedom on #IWD2015.

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Our Side Event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) 

After celebrating March 8, 2015 all around the world, we follow-up on the movement by taking our advocacy and inspiration to the United Nations in New York. We will be present at the 59th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59), and we will organise a ground-breaking Side Event:

Women in the 21st century are likely the most decisive drivers for development and global prosperity. But as a group they are - still - subjected to tremendous human rights violations, inequalities, health threats and extreme poverty.

HIV/ Aids, Non-communicable diseases and all forms of violence against women are the three epidemics largely causing the disproportionate burden on women and girls, their human rights and their opportunities to be equal and free:
- One in three women will be subjected to gender-based violence during their lifetime.
- Non-communicable diseases are today the leading cause of death and disability in the world and thus a major obstacle to development. NCDs are the single biggest threat to women's health and development today.
- HIV/ Aids affects, like NCDs and VAW, all generations of women: from the unborn and newly born, via children and youth, to adults and grand mothers.


Download for free: Inspire Freedom Community Action Guide

6 community actions for you to choose, according to your local context and conditions, mix and match them or use different ones for different occasions...
Fact sheet: alcohol & gender-based violence

Alcohol is a major risk factor for all kinds of gender-based violence, such as domestic violence, intimate partner violence etc...
IOGT International Special Edition Newsletter #IWD2015
It is International Women's Day 2015 and here's how we celebrate...

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