Dear Friends, Bondagisti, Theateristi and Dancers,

Yay, returning from my first movie premier 'Monkey King' at Filmfest Munich, and also watching the 8 hour Faust - Marathon at the Kammerspiele, omg!
We continue bonding in Berlin. Today with Yoga & Shibari, and on Friday:
Staging Shibari on ropes and pregnancy rituals.
Also I want to support the crowdfunding campaign 'Take me like the sea'!

As always, you can read all about this on my blog. In the meantime:
  1. Yoga & Shibari Workshop. Wednesday, June 29th 
  2. Staging Shibari/Bondage Workshop. Friday, July 1st
  3. Morning Shibari Technique Workshop. Every Tuesday at 10h
  4. Self-Suspension Workshop. July 14th! 
  5. 'American Beauty' – Guest performance with Das Helmi & Theater Hora 
  6. You Tube Tutorials – NEW!
  7. Take me like the Sea – Crowdfunding Campaign 
  8. Private & Group Lessons
  9. Blog!
And sunburnt greetings,

'Institut Sommer' - Shibari Technique Workshop

1.Yoga & Shibari. July 29th

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 at 6pm - 10pm
Costs: 40 Euro per person (social price 30 Euro)
Please register beforehand/ Send an SMS!
General Description: in English and German.

Information and additional news on my blog: Zur Zeit.

At Teatris/Alte Kantine or in our ‘Mini- Dojo’. Both locations are at:
Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt in Wedding. Staircase b/c, Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin
U8 Pankstr/U9 Osloerstr

Please call when you are in the court yard, in case you don’t find it, or the door is locked: + 49 174 393 70 49.

2. Staging Shibari/Bondage. Friday, July 1st

We still have places in the up-coming staging shibari workshop. The evening is organised as shooting and revolves around a pregnant protagonist this time. If this topic from a rope (-performance) view is interesting to you, or if you want to make a life-music contribution in the background please let us know. Extras and a peaceful audience are welcome!

Friday, July 1st, 2016, 7pm-11pm.
Costs: 40 Euro per person (social price 30 Euro)
Information and additional news on my blog: Zur Zeit.

3. Morning Shibari Technique. Tuesdays at 10h ! 

Every Tuesday:  July, 5,12, 19, 26, 2016
Costs: 20 Euro per person
10 class card 160 €
@ Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt – Wedding.

The workshop focusses on traditional Shibari technique. Inspired by my teachers Osada Steve, Kamijoo Saki, Arisue Go, Hourai Kasumi or Lun Ario. We start with the basics and security principles. Learning initial knots and floor work patterns with a partner. When these principles are set, we approach complex figures and suspension technique step by step. MORE INFO

4. Self- Suspension Workshop. July 14th 

This workshop answers all your questions on making yourself fly high! After a solid warm up we will look at different harnesses for your personal self-suspension. How to do progressions in the air, pacing down to find your rope dance, safety tricks and celebrating your own inner hero. Self-suspension is self-empowerment and fun!
Please bring comfortable clothes, a snack and ropes if you have.
Hours: 12 -16h 
Costs: 50 €
Where: Institute Sommer
Questions to:

5. Performance: American Beauty – Das Helmi & Theater Hora

On July 23rd I guest perform in 'American Beauty' by das Helmi & Theater Hora.
More Info: Begegnung in der Kunstkunst

6. Bondage Family – You Tube Tutorials 

1. Reverse – Prayer Harness
2. Intense Pucking Harness

7. Take me like the sea – Crowdfunding – Chiara Giulante 

A group of rope friends are involved in a production of a juicy queer porn about classical music.
I much look forward to see this project happening, and if this topic sounds interesting to you, please check this link: Take me by the sea, donate and share the campaign, Thanks!
People involved are Monica, Rui, Caritia. Supported by Missy Magazine & Other Nature

8. Private & Group Lessons

Of course it's always possible to arrange another time for private and group workshops, sessions, choreographing ropes for performances, and other long-planned or spontaneous ideas. Drop me a line!

Tam tying Dasniya, photo: Frances d' Ath
9. Blog!

Another tying studies with Tam and Frances: Greeen!

Where am I Going?

A map to the workshop:
– Institute Sommer –
Uferstrasse 8
c/o Uferhallen Compound
13357, Berlin
U8 Pankstrasse/U9 Osloerstrasse, Nauenerplatz
Phone: + 49 174 393 70 49

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