Hi Theatre Friends, Bondage Fans and other Bluebirds!

Despite all, or even more so, a good year of the bird to Everyone! 
And if cybercapitalism leaves you some spare time, come by my renovated studio, bring ropes and fly.

Hard facts:
Some bondage in Markus Öhrn's Ghost Sonata, January 20th.
A feminist bondage short movie screening/talk on January 22nd.
Shibari technique workshops Tuesdays morning at 10-12h.
Wednesday 25th Yoga Shibari.
And last, check my blog links below.

Spread your wings and fly beyond!

Bernard Garo, Mallorca 2014

1. Shows/Screening 

  1. Ghost Sonata - Markus Öhrn
  2. A feminist Bondage short movie screening/talk on January (avec moi) and other allies 22nd

2. Berlin Workshops 
  1. Shibari technique workshops always Tuesdays at 10h
  2. Last Wednesday 25th Yoga Shibari.

3. Blog 
  1. Baby Bauch Bondage I / Baby Bauch Bondage II
  2. Rock'n roll / Familia Sagrada!
  3. Mirror mirror on the wall..
  4. PFF 

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