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6 July 2018 // Phishing Alert
It has been brought to our notice that illicit emails that are being sent from misleading email addresses, and drafted so as to make it seem that they would be sent by certain FICPI officers, are being addressed to some of our members.

We are most concerned by this situation which we deeply regret, and we are following up with the appropriate instances to have the problem dealt with.

These emails make reference to FICPI members who would supposedly be in need of help and requiring financial assistance  or the loan of money to deal with administrative/travel-related problems, are to be considered as scam and discarded. Please do not respond to such emails and please do not make direct contact with the senders of such emails, either by responding to such messages or by calling the numbers communicated within such messages.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of an email that would seem to be sent by a FICPI officer, or that mentions the name of a FICPI officer within the body of the message, please reach out to the given FICPI persons(s) using his/her regular  ‘ficpi dot org’ email address or his/her usual professional telephone number, for clarification.
FICPI deeply regrets this situation and thanks you for your understanding whilst we endeavour to prevent the occurrence of such attacks and the frustration and concern caused thereby.
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