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2 May 2017 // BREXIT // Indian TM Changes // Korean Design Protection Act // In Memoriam
BREXITImage: BREXIT Direction

Following the triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by the United Kingdom on 29 March 2017, FICPI will intensify its work on the impact of Brexit on IP – an initial paper on the impact was presented at the FICPI Hangzhou Executive Committee meeting and can be found here.

The Federation’s work on this topic is handled by the Work and Study Group (CET) and European Union Members Commission (EUCOF) – any comments may be sent to Robert Watson and Daniel Alge.
Image: IP IndiaChanges to the Indian Trade Mark Rules 

The Trade Mark Rules 2002 have been replaced by The Trade Mark Rules 2017. The new rules will largely impact the filing of trade marks and prosecution strategy as well as other factors of importance to practitioners.

Some of the highlights of the new Rules are available here.
Image: Korean FlagKorea - Amendments to the Design Protection Act 

The appearance of your company’s/client’s product may be a valuable asset. As such, recent amendments to design law in Korea that may be of interest to you. 

Several amendments to the Design Protection Act as below were published on 21 March 2017. The amendments will go into effect as of 22 September 2017.

Notably, the amendments extend the current 6-month grace period for designs to a 12-month grace period after the design has been disclosed into the public domain by the designer (anywhere in the world) by means of publication, use, etc.

To find out more, please click here.
In Memoriam
At its Executive Committee in Hangzhou, the Delegates stood for a minute's silence in remembrance of the following FICPI members.

Mr. Masao OKABE from Japan passed away on 2 February 2017 at the wonderful age of 90.  Mr. OKABE was a founding member at the stage of the establishment of the Japanese Association of FICPI and greatly  contributed to the Association. He was a true gentleman at all times.  On behalf of FICPI JAPAN , I sincerely thank for his great contribution.

Kazuaki TAKAMI

Mr. Rolf Dietrichson from Norway passed away on 20 February 2017. Rolf joined FICPI in the 1970's and was a Partner in the Onsagers Firm. He was the EXCO delegate for Norway from the early 1980's until 1992 and was also a member of the Admission Commission.

Rolf was elected as the President of the Admission Commission in 1994 at the Vienna EXCO and Congress and served as President until 2003 at the Berlin  EXCO after which he retired from Professional practice. On his retirement Rolf was elected as a  Member of Honour of FICPI.

Rolf was a great and loyal friend of the FICPI family and was meticulous in his duties as the President of the Admission Commission.
When I took over as the President of the Admission Commission, Rolf assisted me greatly and transferred many active files to me which were all maintained to an exceptional standard.

Rolf was always extremely helpful, courteous and was a consummate professional Attorney. He worked closely with many of the officers of FICPI of his era including Helmut Sonn, Knud Raffnsoe, Joachim Beier, Peter Puchberger, Francis Ahner, Delfina Fiammenghi, Francois Heritier and John Orange. The FICPI Family was enriched by Rolf's work and his presence and that of his dear wife Anne-Sofie.

Rolf can be characterised as an "old school" gentleman and a gentle man who will be greatly missed by his family. 

Philip Coyle
President Admission Commission 

Mr Ray Stewart first interacted with FICPI in the early 1970’s before he joined and became an active member. Ray served as Chair of CET 3 International Patents 1997-2000 before becoming President of the U.S. Section 2000-2003.  During his tenure as U.S. Section President, Ray organized a joint ExCo and APAA Symposium in Newport Beach, California in 2002.  He was elected to the FICPI Advisory Council for which he served two terms during 2006-2012.  In 2015, Ray was appointed a Member of Honour of FICPI.

Ray was a friendly face with a warm personality who could provide his insights when called upon with a clear, resonating voice that laid out the issues at hand together with a proposal about how best to proceed.  He was called on often to explain the latest twists and turns in U.S. patent and trademark law. Ray liked to recount how his skills were put to a test during a WIPO Diplomatic Conference he attended in the 1990’s.  He was called upon without warning by the late President of Honour Heinz Bardehle to comment on a patent claim issue.  Surprised, but without hesitation, he calmly explained his views to the audience.   He influenced the U.S. delegation in favor of the FICPI view at another Diplomatic Conference in 2000 concerning implementation of the Patent Law by using his good connections and arranging a separate meeting with the delegation. 

He attended many ExCo meetings, CET meetings and Open Fora, almost always with his wife Marie whom he loved very much.  He was also instrumental in helping organize many of the ABC meetings which he attended over the years.  He enjoyed the lively academic discussions and the dinner conversations at the meetings.  He also enjoyed the golf, narrowly avoiding a lightning strike at the Williamsburg ABC and somehow playing through torrential rain at an ABC in Ireland. The last ABC meeting he attended was in Ottawa, Canada where his plane skidded off the runway while landing. Thankfully, no one was hurt, including Ray who celebrated with everyone as one of the “survivors” at the meeting.  

After his wife Marie passed away, Ray set up a scholarship fund in her name for the EuroSEAD programme.  FICPI mourns the passing of Ray Stewart and will miss his warm smile, loyalty and many contributions.   

Andrew Meikle
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