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FICPI's response to the IP5 consultation on Harmonisation of Formal Requirements

In the summer of 2015, the IP5 offices, EPO, JPO, KIPO, SIPO and USPTO, launched a consultation seeking feedback on three reports aiming to harmonise several formal requirements.  The three reports were Unity of Invention, Citation of Prior Art and Written Description/Sufficiency of Disclosure. 
Unity of Invention
Applicants should always be able to:
  • file divisionals during the whole pendency of a parent application, 
  • argue against a lack of unity rejection, and
  • have all claims searched.
In general, a higher degree of harmonisation is desirable, since the provisions are now unaligned, at the IP5 offices level (e.g. USPTO).
Citation of Prior Art
Patent Offices sometimes operate in breach of Article 42 PCT and/or impose an unnecessary burden on applicants to disclose prior art references, many of which are already available online (CCD, Global Dossier, etc.), or accompany the relevant office actions.

Written Description/Sufficiency of Disclosure
A harmonisation of the formal requirements for both the description and the claims is essential, in particular in the pharmaceutical field, since a PCT application is drafted once but should meet all formal requirements of several patent offices.

FICPI filed a response not only to provide the following feedback but also to request a more direct involvement with the IP5 Offices.  

  Harmonisation of Formal Requirements
FICPI Visual Standards

The Communications Commission would like to remind FICPI members using the FICPI logo and/or producing FICPI branded documents, that they must adhere to FICPI's Visual Standards and Brand Standards guidelines.  

Please review the Use of FICPI Visual Standards and FICPI Standards for the Use of the Logo, Acronym and Name documents below before actually using the logo; this includes using colour, font, names and acronyms.

  Visual Standards

  Use of the Logo, Acronym and Name

FICPI JPAA Meeting and Patent 
Attorney Day 

FICPI-Japan President, Mr. Shogo Ohnishi, met with Mr. Masaru Itami, President of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association on 1 July 2015.  They also attended a reception to celebrate the Patent Attorneys Day.  Mr. Itami’s thank you letter to Messrs. Deeth and Ohnishi, together with the delegate list and agenda, is available to download below.

Registration is now open for
5th Intellectual Property Symposium.

To get rid of the ill effects of the financial crisis, many countries are paying attention to increasing the economic growth by driving development through innovation. The rapid development of science and technology raises new requirements and challenges to the intellectual property system, therefore the intellectual property systems in different countries are in the process of unceasing development and transformation.

The “China Intellectual Property Symposium 2015″ will be held in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in China. Chengdu is an important central city in the western China, with 9 districts, 4 cities and 6 counties. The total area of Chengdu is 12,100 km, and it has a population of more than 14,350,000, which makes it the fourth largest city in China.

Chengdu is the homeland of Giant Panda as well as the birth site of Sanxingdui Culture and Jinsha Site. Here you can watch the special Sichuan Opera Face performance in the local Sichuan Opera, experience the long-mouth teapot show and taste the famous Sichuan cuisine – Hot food.

Up to December of 2013, 252 companies of the world top 500 enterprises have been set up in Chengdu, among which 188 are foreign companies, 64 are domestic companies. The investments concentrate in the advanced manufacturing industry and modern services, involving electric communication, automobile, aviation, new materials, finance, insurance, retails, logistics and many other vocations. 

The Symposium will focus on the latest developments of the Chinese intellectual property system, including China’s promulgation of its newly revised Trade Mark Law (2013).

The event brochure and registration form are available to download below:

EPO Inventor Awards - Paris 2015
Mr Eric Le Forestier [R], Member of Honour, and Mr Marc Chauchard [L], Treasurer General, attended the 2015 EPO Inventor's Award Ceremony on 11 June 2015 at the former auction hall ("la bourse") Palais Brognard.  Mr Chauchard reported that prior to the awards ceremony, the attendees were entertained by both a dance and cello performance.  

The awards were presented by French journalist, Ms Marjorie Paillon.  Mr Ian Frazer and Mr Jian Zhou won the "popular prize" and Mr Andreas Manz was awarded the life achievement prize.  

Speeches were given by Mr Benoît Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office and Ms Axelle Lemaire, the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs.  They urged for low community patent taxes, especially for SMs, and a swift social handling of EPO contests.

Mr Le Forestier and Mr Chauchard also met briefly with
Ms Sharon Israel, President of AIPLA, Mr Alan Kasper, President of the IP Global Network and Mr Per A. Fos, Director of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

Premier Cercle™ - IP Summit Berlin 2015

For its 10th anniversary, on 3 & 4 December 2015, Premier Cercle™ will gather 100+ IP high-level speakers and 500+ delegates from corporate, private, institutional and academia worlds at the Pan-European Intellectual Property Summit (IP Summit Berlin). 

FICPI members will receive a preferential fee of EUR 999 for the 2 day forum + social programme instead of the standard fee of EUR 1,490. Please visit: to register and
use the code “IPS15” to receive the preferential fee. 

With a mix of keynote speeches, plenary sessions and workshops, this two-day conference aims at discussing trademark, patent, copyright and design major recent evolutions, actions, issues and ongoing EU reforms with high level corporate and business professionals from the industry and representatives of competent public authorities. 
  • 2 Keynote Speeches
  • 6 Plenary Sessions
  • 17 Workshops
  • 500+ Delegates
  • 100+ Speakers
  • 50+ Countries
Premier Cercle's team is already looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin in December, with an enhanced and prestigious social programme.
Save the date for the 
FICPI 16th Open Forum
St Petersburg, Russia
5-8 October 2016
Register your interest by email:
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