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May 30, 2016 // Invitation to the St Petersburg Forum

Join us in St Petersburg - Early Bird Date is Approaching

On behalf of FICPI and its almost 5500+ members, I would like to invite you to register now for FICPI’s 16th Open Forum, to be held in St Petersburg, Russia on 5-8 October 2016. The Forum is open to all; it is not necessary to be a FICPI member to attend the Forum and to get all of the benefits it has to offer.

The early bird deadline of June 30, 2016, for registration and hotel reservations is rapidly approaching. After this date, the registration fees increase and hotel rooms are released. Book now to avoid disappointment. You can download a copy of Forum brochure here, or register on-line here.  As soon as we have your registration form and hotel reservation, we will provide the visa sponsorship letter need for your visa application at your local consulate, or on-line. 

I look forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg.

Doug Deeth,
President, FICPI.

Why Attend a FICPI Forum?

There are many seminars and conferences you can attend. Why choose FICPI? First, we create the programs you need. Our programs are planned by people like you, to give you the information you need to have in your daily practice. They cover not only the topics that are currently fashionable, but also those that are “under the radar”, dealing with issues that will become important in the future and that will affect how you practice.
FICPI’s Open Forum has gained an enviable reputation for the quality of its working sessions and speakers. The 16th Forum will maintain these high standards, offering FICPI’s much imitated three-stream format, with specialised patent and trade mark sessions, with a third stream focusing on increasingly critical business practice issues for the independent professional and private firm.

Why St. Petersburg?

St Petersburg offers visitors many treasures, from the world-famous Hermitage to the palaces and art of the Russian Museum. It was founded at the start of the 18th century by Peter the Great, when more than 40 islands were joined together by drawbridges at the delta of the Neva River; making it known as the “Venice of the North”.

It continued to flourish under Catherine the Great and was shaped by the last Russian Tsars and famous Russian writers such as Dostoevsky and Pushkin.. Its glory and beauty have survived invasion by Napoleon, the 28 month siege of 1941 – 1944, and neglect during the Soviet period. It is a remarkable city, and you will have a chance to see it while attending the Forum.

What's on the Forum program?

The program opens with a plenary business session following the theme of last year’s Congress “Adapt to Advance”, looking at how independent IP attorneys should adapt their business development strategies to prosper in an increasingly competitive environment.

Sessions include best practice “how to” sessions on drafting patent claims (that not only get through the patent office, but are commercially useful), IP enforcement in multiple jurisdictions, protecting trade marks in non-Latin characters, trade mark coexistence agreements, capturing inventions and taking advantage of geographical indications.In addition, you can attend “get up to date” sessions on trade secrets and licensing, trade marks on the Internet, Apple vs. Samsung, and the UPC (featuring President Battistelli of the EPO and leading patent judges from Germany, France and the UK), as well as practical business management sessions on quality control and streamlining processes in IP firms, the economic parameters of firms, non-lawyer ownership and how to manage the risks of important attorneys or client leaving.  Finally, breakout patent telecoms/FRAND and pharma workshops will investigate how  clients working in those fields can best take advantage of the interplay between IP laws and other regulations.

What about Networking Opportunities?

FICPI’s meetings, including the Forum, are “all-inclusive”; your registration fee covers admission to the working sessions, workshops, coffee breaks and working lunches,as well as participation in the evening social program, including the a welcome reception at the new stage of the Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theatre, better known as the Alexandrinsky, is the oldest theatre in Russia, established by Empress Elizabeth (daughter of Peter the Great) in 1756. The program will include a ballet performance and a cocktail reception.

An informal dinner the next night will find FICPI Forum delegates and guests at a relaxing evening in the rustic and welcoming atmosphere of the Stroganoff restaurant, located in the historic building used as barracks and stables for the Horse Guard Regiment before the revolution. The Stroganoff restaurant has a reputation for the quality of its food, and its meat in particular.

The Forum’s closing dinner will be held at the Russian Museum of Ethnography, representing the cultural peculiarity of the different nationalities of the Russian Federation. Built in the early 20th century in the very heart of the city centre, when Neo-Classic style was in architectural vogue, its Marble Hall, designed in the tradition of classical Greco-Roman peristyle, and the most spectacular part of the Museum’s interior, will be the venue of the Forum closing dinner.

Unlike other organizations, FICPI does not permit private events or competing functions during the its meetings, including the Forum, so you will attend the same events as all other Forum delegates, giving you an opportunity to meet old and new friends. FICPI’s meetings are attended by IP practitioners from around the world, providing the networking opportunities that are important to your practice.
Register now for the St Petersburg Forum

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