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Welcome to the first tutorial newsletter from My Hands Made It!  Justin and I have put together this fancy pants garland tutorial just in time for your summer bbqs.  Be sure to send me pics of your finished projects!  If you're wondering what on Earth this is, and you didn't ask for it and you're not diggin' it, please update your subscription below and forgive me - I'm still working out the kinks.  Thank you so much for your patience. 
A giant hug and kiss to all of you.  Now let's make some dang garland, yo!
XOXO - Veronica


  • Tissue paper (we used approx. 40 sheets of varying sizes to create a 6ft garland
  • Metallic ribbon (optional)
  • String (we used bakers twine, but you can also use clear fishing line if you'd like it to be invisible)
  • Ruler
  • Rotary cutter (scissors will also work fine, a paper cutter will work wonders)
  • Rope (we used jute cord)
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

Step 1:  Stack and fold eight (8) sheets of tissue paper in half width-wise.  If creased or wrinkly, run a dry iron over the surface to smooth the paper.  Using a ruler as your guide, cut three (3) 1" strips of tissue with a rotary cutter (or scissors or paper cutter).

Step 2: Unfold the strips (24 total) and create one large stack.  If you'd like to include metallic ribbons, cut them to the same length and add them to the stack as well.  Cut a length of string (approx. 30") and tie a knot in the center of your tissue paper stacks, around all layers.

Step 3:  Flip over the stack, so that the knot is on the underside, and while holding the ends in each hand, begin twisting the paper and string (one section over the other, as you would with a braid).  Twist about 3 - 4" down.  It helps to squeeze the tissue a bit at the top before and after twisting.

Step 4:  At the base of the twisted section, wrap one string a few times clockwise and then wrap the other string counter-clockwise.  Tie a knot in the string.  Fan out the tissue paper to create a tassel and then trim the bottoms to even length.

Step 5:  Cut a piece of rope the length of your desired garland and cover the ends with tape to keep from unraveling.  Each tissue paper tassel will have a tiny loop of string at the top - one by one, thread the tassels onto the rope by the string loops.  We spaced our tassels about 2.5" apart.  To keep them in place, dab a bit of hot glue where the tassel meets the rope.

Hang your finished garland anywhere your little heart desires!  This will look just as adorable at your child's birthday party as it will gracing the altar at your wedding.  Hang it on walls, fireplace mantels, from the trees or on the back of your wedding getaway car.  Instant party!

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