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Hello Again from Emmy's NailsIt's been awhile since our last newsletter and we have some great things to tell you about! But first, we'd like to thanks all our customers for continuing to support our business and other businesses in Curry.

Halloween was Fun!
Since this is the first year of Emmy's Nails, we went ahead and decided to dress up a little. If you've been watching our Facebook page, you've seen some of the goofy pictures that we've been posting. If you haven't, here's a small sampling of Halloween at Emmy's Nails.
Mondays and Tuesdays are Pedicure Deal Days
When school started back up we put pedicures on sale on Mondays and Tuesdays only and customers have been loving it! It was originally just supposed to be a short term promotion but since folks have responded so well, we have decided to extend it throughout the holidays. So, bring your tired, dry feet into Emmy's Nails for a piggie-pampering like no other! Since the weather has dipped in the lows, we have created a special winter pedicure that will warm your legs and thrill your senses all while softening your skin and feet.  As always, complimentary beverages are always included.

We try to stay neutral here at the shop but with the success that Alabama has had this year, we can't help but to get excited! If you've followed our Facebook page, you've seen some really cool Alabama nail art that we've been putting on our customers hands and feet. Crimson red has been very popular as well as the Alabama "A" logo but, what people really get excited about is our houndstooth designs. We can apply houndstooth paint to the entire nail or we can just do a houndstooth tip like a white-tip but with houndstooth. Here are some shots...
Crimson Houndstooth Alabama "A" Houndstooth Tips
Suffering from Brittle or Thin Nails?
If you're one of the people who suffer from brittle or thin nails, we understand the challenges you encounter every day. For many of you, you've given up on trying to have long and pretty nails and would just settle with short nails that didn't snag and rip while putting clothes in the dryer. We know that it's difficult to simply live your life while trying not rip or break your nails. 

We have a special strengthening product that we've been working with for the past 3 months that will instantly add thickness, natural-looking beauty, and shine to your nails while protecting them for at least two weeks. It's not acrylics, tips, or gel polish. It's a special coating that when applied protects your delicate nail bed from the damage that even simple daily chores can cause. All while keeping your nail in tact and allowing it to grow. This product holds up exceptionally well under normal and even some extreme conditions. Even if you wash your hands often throughout the day.

Broken, Brittle NailsIn the initial treatment, we will perform a dry manicure pushing back and cleaning up the cuticle and nail bed while removing any non-living tissue. Then, we will gently shape your delicate nails, dust and sanitize. We will then apply a special ph balanced dehydrator to the nail bed to remove any excess debris or oils. Next, we apply a special bonding agent (not the same as an acrylic primer which can contain acids) and UV cure. We will then add two to three layers of our special protectant and UV cure each layer. We apply a special OPI UV top coat and we're done! Your nails are now stronger than ever, shiny and natural looking. If you'd like, for an additional charge, we can apply regular or gel polish as a final coat. The entire treatment takes about 40 minutes and when finished, your nails are totally dry and ready for a challenge! As your nails grow out, (usually 2-3 weeks) just come in for a fill-in and we'll blend the new with the old and repair any lifting or chipping.

If you have been suffering, you need to give this a try. We guarantee you'll like it :)

Don't Forget!
  • Skin, hands and feet get dryer in the wintertime more than any other time of the year! Keep your skin moisturized and come in for our special Winter Pedicure treatment.
  • Colors of the season are dark reds, dark purples, dark oranges, and grey tones. Look at the leaves on the trees and match your nail color!
  • WE HONOR YOUR APPOINTMENT! That means if you make an appointment, we'll save you a spot! Appointments can now be booked on our new website at
  • If you like us, then "LIKE" us on Facebook!
  • We are open Monday through Saturday 9a-7p. If you need a special time before or after hours, we can accomodate you. Just call us at 205-538-EMMY (3669).
  • Beverages are included with every service and always complimentary.
  • We are also doing acrylic nails, tips, full-sets, and fill-ins
  • Gel polish is the hottest thing since sliced bread!
  • If there is EVER anything that we can do better, PLEASE TELL US! We want you to have a wonderful, relaxing experience and want you to come back again and again
  • Tell your friends and family about EMMY'S NAILS in CURRY!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! We LOVE you all!
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