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Tiny House Big Community Fundraiser
5-8PM, January 21st

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The recent Oakland warehouse fire is a reminder that the need for safe, affordable and quality residences for artists is vital to not only their livelihood, but to the livelihood of culture in urban settings. Communities steeped in art not only add aesthetics and beauty to people's lives, but also important advantages to education. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) combines 21st Century skills with the essential component of art in order to promote innovative designs and solutions to real world problems.


Team 20/20 Vision is a group of 52 9th graders who have dedicated their first year at High Tech High Chula Vista to designing and building community spaces in an affordable permanent housing facility for local San Diego artists. They are a determined group who have a passion for helping the community by putting STEAM into action.

These motivated 9th graders are partnering up with the San Diego artist
collective, Space 4 Art, to design and build community spaces such as
gardens, amphitheaters, gallery spaces and parks. The team’s current goal is
to raise $50,000 in order to begin the construction phase.

When listening to the news and hearing of not just artists, but many
Americans struggling to find affordable housing, the problem often feels vast and unreachable. Your donations will not only go towards building materials and oversight, but will also serve as motivation for the students to see their
designs come to life.

Space 4 Art

325 15th Street San Diego, CA | | 619.269.7230
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