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ISSUE 48: September 2022

Editors’ Note

Dear Readers,

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, life has gotten even more hectic and overwhelming for many of us. But at the same time, a lot of us are unsure of how to direct our energies: what ongoing and new work to support, what actions to take, and which institutions to target with those actions.

While we do not claim to have answers to those questions for all of our readers, we hope that the opportunities this newsletter contains for people to get involved and stay informed will help. 

We also recommend reading The NEW Handbook for a Post-Roe America, by Robin Marty. We are excited to have Robin (who is also Director of Operations at the West Alabama Women's Center) visiting Tulane and Blue Cypress Books this month! Scroll down for details and for a review of that book by our own Makenzie Sanders, current intern at the New Orleans Abortion Fund.

Stay tuned as well for more details about renowned reproductive justice scholar, Prof. Kimala Price, who will visit us in January as our annual Roe v. Wade speaker.


Kelsey Lain, School of Liberal Arts, Class of 2023
Clare Daniel, Ph.D., Newcomb Institute, Tulane University
Aliyah Daniels, ReproNews co-founder and editor emeritus, Class of 2018


Review: The NEW Handbook For A Post-Roe America, by Robin Marty  
Makenzie Sanders, School of Liberal Arts, ‘25

Initially published in 2018 and republished in 2021, The NEW Handbook For A Post Roe-America is a guide for navigating a hypothetical world where abortion access is restricted due to drastic changes in reproductive rights laws and legislation. When author Robin Marty began working on this handbook, it was amid the Trump era when Brett Kavanaugh had just been appointed to the United States Supreme Court, and legislation restricting abortion access was proliferating throughout the country. In the first chapter, Marty proposes a hypothetical situation in which the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. In her proposed scenario, a case would make its way to the Court, allowing the Justices to overturn Roe. However, this situation is no longer hypothetical, but the reality that Americans are currently living.  

Although abortion is not entirely illegal in the United States, many states, including Louisiana, have restricted or no access to abortion care due to the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson. This harsh reality has placed a heavier burden on those who now seek abortion care in abortion deserts or areas where there is a lack of abortion facilities. The book suggests a few general questions that pregnant people might ask themselves when seeking abortion care: how far along they are, whether they prefer a medical or procedural abortion, and whether there is a mandatory waiting period. In a post-Roe world, Marty enunciates that there are even further questions that people might ask if they live in a state where abortion is banned. In chapter three, readers undergo a quick sex-education crash course on menstrual cycles, need-to-know information concerning emergency contraception, how to have an ethical discussion with potential doctors, and how to get support for an abortion.  

Each chapter focuses on a specific topic ranging from finding one's cause, to how to avoid surveillance when seeking or discussing abortion care, to a synopsis on reproductive justice. These individualized chapters allow readers to take an in-depth look at the aspects of how to provide support to others and seek access to abortion care. With a thorough checklist concluding all nine informative chapters, these moments of self-reflection enunciate the importance of considering all aspects of one's unique situation before engaging in reproductive work.  

Many are unsure where to start when getting involved in reproductive health and justice. Some choose to donate money to local abortion clinics/funds, and others might decide to stock up on Plan B for themselves and their loved ones. Before jumping into action, it is imperative to "Take a minute and pause (83)." Work in the reproductive field has been occurring across the country, and many have been preparing for a worst-case scenario, such as a world where Roe is overturned. Since organizations focus on specific parts of reproductive work, it doesn't always take starting your own initiative to evoke change. Instead, you can join organizations and uplift others who have been engaging in this work for a while and are seeking more support.  

With its expansive chapters, The NEW Handbook For A Post-Roe America is a practical guide for pregnant people who are seeking abortion care. Additionally, the Handbook is the perfect introduction for those interested in getting more involved in reproductive work as Americans everywhere continue to fight against those who wish to revoke our right to healthcare, safety, and control over our own lives. 

Delta Clinic GoFundme
Delta Clinic, one of three abortion clinics in Louisiana, is fundrasing for six months' severance pay for all staff members. Click the link above the donate!
Temporary aid for Hope Medical Group employees
Support Louisiana clinic relocation!

Join us to end the Red Zone on Tulane University’s Campus by:  

Creative Community League's Guide to Abortion in Louisiana
"This guide addresses the changing landscape post-Roe and the recent announcement that all three Louisianal clinics are relocating.

Thus, the guide offers both local and national resources in finding the nearest abortion clinic and securing financial assistance, as well as resources for practical support, self-manage abortion, emergency contraception, and midwife and doulas, among other information and resources."
NOAF Hotline
"In the South and need an abortion? 
Give us a call at 844.44.ABORT (844.442.2678)

Our name may say New Orleans, but we partner with callers from across the Gulf South to connect them with the funding and resources they need to access legal abortion care. If you are traveling from Louisiana or the surrounding states for care in a state where abortion is legal, give us a call. 

We provide compassionate support to affirm the dignity of people seeking abortion care."
Call for Proposals: Black Birth Matters 2022
"Birthmark Doula Collective cordially invites you to submit your proposal for the #BlackBirthMatters conference on October 29, 2022 happening virtually based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Use this form to submit your proposal for a workshop, art exhibition, or performance of music or spoken word."
NIH Funding Opportunity Due November 2!
"This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications to participate as a Research Center as part of the Maternal Health Research Centers of Excellence initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to generate innovative approaches to address preventable maternal mortality, decrease severe maternal morbidity, and promote maternal health equity in partnership with one or more populations that experience maternal health disparities, including but not limited to, Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, socioeconomically disadvantaged populations, underserved rural populations (e.g., living in maternity care deserts), or sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations. Persons with disabilities are also a priority population."
Creative Community League Author Talk with Karissa Haugeberg
"Amy Irvin speaks with Karissa Haugeberg about her book "Women Against Abortion: Inside the Largest Moral Reform Movement of the Twentieth Century."
Request for Grant Proposals!
"The Society of Family Planning Research Fund is excited to announce the Honoring community-based organizations as knowledge generators request for proposals. This new funding opportunity aims to support and elevate the knowledge of individuals working at community-based organizations, with a focus on lifting up knowledge that centers the needs and preferences of communities whose access to abortion care is constrained by systems of oppression. Individuals working in community-based organizations, with their deep knowledge about communities’ needs, trusted relationships, and focus on communities who experience structural oppression, are essential partners in creating a world in which access to abortion is truly equitable."
Glossary: Abortion Bans, Restrictions and Protections
West Alabama Women’s Center Director Talks About the Impact of Roe
Tips for Protecting Privacy Post-Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
"Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturning Roe v. Wade, people seeking reproductive healthcare, particularly in states that have limited the right to reproductive health services, should consider additional steps to protect their privacy, both on and offline. Clinics and healthcare providers must also evaluate how their collection of patient information may put their patients at risk. Further, if law enforcement is going to serve legal process on a private entity in a reproductive health case, it will most likely be on a major technology company. These companies should consider taking additional steps to enhance privacy to protect people seeking reproductive healthcare. Our digital handbook, Tips for Protecting Privacy Post-Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, offers guidance for individuals, clinics and healthcare providers, as well as recommendations for technology companies in a post-Dobbs world."
Pregnant at 16 
"This episode contains strong language and descriptions of an abortion. With the end of Roe v. Wade, Louisiana has become one of the most difficult places in the United States to get an abortion. The barriers are expected to disproportionately affect Black women, the largest group to get abortions in the state. Today, we speak to Tara Wicker and Lakeesha Harris, two women in Louisiana whose lives led them to very different positions in the fight over abortion access."
Birthmark Doula: New Spanish Language WhatsApp Line!
"Birthmark Doula Collective has had the longtime desire to make our services accessible to the Spanish speaking Latinx community in New Orleans and beyond. Last year we added a Language Justice coordinator, Joan, to our team and today we are finally able to launch our first big effort. We are happy to announce that we are launching our Spanish contact number and WhatsApp profile. A service created for the community that we seek to serve.

This will allow us to meet our clients where they are, making it easily accessible and familiar while providing them with an equitable service that matches our current system in English.

We invite you to share this information with your clients, colleagues and friends who are Spanish speakers or work with the Latinx community."
2022 Constituent Meetings with State Lawmakers
"Lift Louisiana and 10,000 Women are seeking advocates around the state to schedule meetings with your state Senators and Representatives. If you are interested in meeting with your lawmaker(s), please complete this form. Our goal is to schedule these meetings in September and October of 2022. We will provide a toolkit that will contain everything you need to schedule and hold a meeting, including sample emails, contact information, talking points and fact sheets"
Planned Parenthood Chat Internship: Application Now Open!
Planned Parenthood has a position open for a text/chatline intern. Although the current application period has passed, the internship is expected to open again in the next few months. Interested students are encouraged to reach out to Education Program Manager, Chelsea Evankow at Please click the link above for further detail.
Call for Submissions!
Deadline: September 19, 2022 

Tulane Child And Family Lab Mom Power Study
The Tulane Child and Family Lab is recruiting Moms of kids aged 3-5 who qualify for WIC, FITAP, Medicaid or Headstart to be a part of Mom Power! This program is a 10-week intervention in the form of a support group or informational mailing focused on reducing maternal stress and improving maternal and child mental health. Participants can earn between $150-$300 and interested Mothers should contact Anna at 504-206-2910 or at

Tulane Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health 
Click the link above to follow TulaneMCH and stay up to date on local legislation, jobs, and new research concerning maternal and child health.
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Letters: Louisiana Bond Commission's targeting of New Orleans reeks of White Supremacy, The Advocate, August 29, 2022

In Post-Roe Louisiana, Things Go From Bad to Worse for Teens, Ms. Magazine, August 22, 2022

La. lawmaker brings clarity to abortion confusion, WAFB9, August 16, 2022

All three Louisiana abortion clinics are leaving the state,WWNO, August 15, 2022

Northwest Louisiana reacts to the historic overturn of Roe v. Wade, Shreveport Times, June 24, 2022

Louisiana reacts to Roe v. Wade being overturned, WWL-TV, June 24, 2022

National and International

The Next Step in the Anti-Abortion Playbook Is Becoming Clear, New York Times, August 31, 2022

Forced Parenthood and Failing Safety Nets: This Is Life in Post-Roe America, Mother Jones, August 29, 2022

F.T.C. sues over tracking data that could expose visits to abortion clinics., New York Times, August 29, 2022

What I Learned From a Failed Workplace Child-Care Experiment, Rewire News Group, August 29, 2022

Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created, New York Times, August 26, 2022

College Students Return To Campus Without Access To Abortion, The Huffington Post, August 22, 2022

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How to Support Students in Anti-Abortion States, The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 19, 2022

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Southern abortion rights advocates arrive in Chicago for ‘Black August Freedom Rides’, Chicago Sun Times, August 17, 2022

Louisiana hospital denies abortion for fetus without a skull,, August 17, 2022

A new student filmmaking grant will focus on reproductive rights, NPR, August 17, 2022

Letter from News Outlets, Allied Groups Urging U.S. Dept. of Justice to Protect Reporters from Anti-Abortion Legislation, Mother Jones, August 16, 2022

Nebraska cops used Facebook messages to investigate an alleged illegal abortion, NPR, August 12, 2022

What pregnant Black women need from the Senate, NY Daily News, August 12, 2022

Inside America’s rural maternal health care crisis: Why are women of color most at risk?, USAToday, August 11, 2022

Facebook turned over chat messages between mother and daughter now charged over abortion, CNBC, August 9, 2022

Meeting the Vice President on Abortion, Inside Higher Ed, August 9, 2022

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Abortion Is a Higher-Ed Issue, The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 30, 2022

When Abortion Was Illegal, Chicago Women Turned to the Jane Collective, Smithsonian Magazine, June 14, 2022



Post Roe Reproductive Workshop
11AM - 3PM CST, September 8, 2022
Baton Rouge, LA

"Please join us for a Post-Roe Reproductive workshop that will focus on what you need to know in a Post-Roe Louisiana. Together with experts, lawyers, and other organizers, we will be discussing the most up to date information so you can help combat misinformation and brainstorm ideas that are best for your community. There will be free food and give aways, but you must register to attend!"
NICU Health & Equity Summit
Saul's Light & Children's Hospital New Orleans
8:00AM - 4:00PM CST, September 22, 2022
An Author Talk With Robin Marty
Creative Community League
6:30PM CST, September 29, 2022
New Orleans, LA

"Get your copy of 'A New Handbook for a Post-Roe America' and join us in-person or online on the bookstore's Facebook page and YouTube channel."
Fridays at Newcomb Hosts Robin Marty "3 Months Later: What the Impact of Overturning Roe Means in the Deep South,” 
Newcomb Institute
12PM CST, September 30
Diboll Gallery, Tulane University
Film Screening and Panel Discussion: Give Light: Storie from Indigenous Midwives
Give Light
7:00PM CST - 9:00PM CST, October 11, 2022
LBC 203, Tulane University
Weaving the We
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast
6:30 - 9:00PM CST, October 18, 202
New Orleans, LA

Join PPGC's annual New Orleans fall celebration! RSVP now to enjoy an evening with PPGC in City Park.
Conceiving Equity, featuring the 11th annual Roe v. Wade lecture by Prof. Kimala Price
Newcomb Institute of Tulane University
6:00 - 8:00PM CST, January 26
More details to come.
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast
"teenREACH empowers Houston & Louisiana teens to educate their peers and families about sexual health topics and healthy decision-making. Teens will connect with other young advocates, gain knowledge and leadership skills, and make a lasting, positive impact in their community!"

Creative Community League
10am CST, Thursday

"Produced and hosted by Amy Irvin, ProFrequency is a weekly radio program that covers culture, reproductive and sexual health, and other feminist issues, utilizing recorded stories and live interviews with local advocates and artists. Co-host Amanda Sanfilippo (aka Dj Vjj) is a local sex educator who answers all your most burning sexual health questions. Join Creative Community League for ProFrequency at 10am CT on Thursdays on 102.3 WHIV FM New Orleans. Or stream it from For further info, follow the CCL on Instagram at @creativecommunityleague"

Upcoming National/Regional

Emerging State Equal Pay Trends: Advancing Cutting-Edge Salary Transparency Laws and Fighting Sham Equal Pay Bills
National Women’s Law Center, Equal Rights Advocates, Equal Pay Today & the State Innovation Exchange (SiX)
1PM EST, September 14, 2022 

"NWLC, ERA, EPT, and SiX invite advocates and state legislators to a webinar discussing the ups and downs of state equal pay legislative efforts in recent years. The panel will discuss progress in the states, including new cutting-edge pay transparency laws, as well as a harmful Unequal pay law enacted in Mississippi that advocates should be aware of and ready to fight against potential similar efforts in their own states. We will focus on lessons learned, messaging and legislative campaign strategies, and where we must go from here."
Awards Dinner
Black Mamas Matter Alliance
6PM EST, September 17, 2022
Washington D.C.

"Join the Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) on Saturday, September 17th at 6 p.m. EST to celebrate and honor change makers across the Black Maternal Health community at the BMHC22 Awards Dinner taking place during the 2022 Black Maternal Health Conference and Training Institute™. Tickets are now available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis today until August 31. Seats are limited, so secure your spot at the BMHC22 Awards Dinner now! "
Black Maternal Health Conference & Training Institute
Black Mamas Matter Alliance
September 17 - 18, 2022
Washington D.C.
Year of the Woman (Governor)
Electing Women Alliance
4PM CST, September 21, 2022

"This Electing Women Alliance event will support all six non-incumbent women who are running for governor this cycle: Stacey Abrams (Georgia), Deidre DeJear (Iowa), Maura Healey (Massachusetts), Katie Hobbs (Arizona), Tina Kotek (Oregon), and Nan Whaley (Ohio). For those counting: six candidates, five chances to take back a Republican-held seat, three toss-up races, two lesbians, two Black women, one Attorney General who took on the Sacklers, one Secretary of State who took on the fraudits, one minority leader who flipped a state, one mayor, one Speaker of the House, one romance novelist, and one professional basketball player all on one Zoom call."
Embodying The Future: Unite + Restore + Innovate
Black Birth Matters, Sabia Wade & Nuturely
October 26 - 29, 2022
Atlanta, GA

"Nurturely's Milk Mood Moves conference is expanding! We are joining forces with Sabia Wade + Black Birth Matters (by Birthmark Doulas) to co-create an interdisciplinary learning and connection opportunity for birthworkers, health professionals, researchers, and advocates. Nurturely sessions will include the latest science and clinical knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, focusing on human milk and lactation, perinatal mood disorders, and physiology and biomechanics of the perinatal period. Sabia Wade will host sessions on Black Luxury and birth futurism! Black Birth Matters will host sessions on womb-healing and community wisdom. Options to join an intimate in-person retreat in Atlanta or join from anywhere with live and interactive virtual sessions. We can't wait to see you!"
Reproductive Ethics Conference
Institute for Bioethics and Health Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch
January 12 - 13, 2023
Galveston, Texas

"The controversies and challenges of reproductive ethics arise from new technologies, political and ideological divisions, theology, and changing cultural norms. The goal of this conference is to explore the range of topics addressed in reproductive ethics. We welcome individuals from all professional fields to create a rich and robust discussion." Registration and further details coming soon!
See all events on the Tulane Reproductive Justice Calendar. This calendar is maintained by Kelsey Lain (Tulane School of Liberal Arts ‘23), so please email her your event information at
*We have recently changed the Repronews Job Board. Click here to give anonymous feedback on the new format.
Students United for Reproductive Justice, Newcomb Institute, Tulane University undergraduates
Students for Sexual Health Equity, Tulane University School of Public Health
Social Workers United for Reproductive Freedom, Tulane University School of Social Work
Medical Students for Choice, Tulane University Medical School
If/When/How, Tulane University Law School
Newcomb’s reproductive rights/health/justice-related activities are supported by the Donna and Richard Esteves Fund for Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health, the Bonnie and William Chapman Fund for Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health, and the M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation. Read about what our Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health Interns are up to!

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