"Good copy can't be written with tongue in cheek...You've got to believe in the product." - David Ogilvy
Create Virtuous Loops 

Content for the win | Vol. 5, No. 4

Clients come to us looking for something specific like a new website or print campaign. The opening project is a big step in the process. Once we have a greater understanding of a client's various Marcom challenges and opportunities, and a bit of earned trust, we begin to promote the positive nature of virtuous loops.

A virtuous loop in marketing is when a promotional offer drives a prospect to retail or to an event, where a deeper immersion in the branded environment occurs. Ultimately, the store or event experience then drives the person back to the web, where they can relive the experience, add their perspective and plan for the next in-person interaction. 

Few things impact or influence a person more than time spent in a store, or at a company event. This is where lasting impressions are made. Now, how do we get this necessary face time with your company's best customers and prospects? How do we get the chance to impress in person? Advertising. Advertising's job is to drive desirable actions and outcomes—in this case, to motivate people to act. 

Post Script
  1. Do you enjoy listening to marketing podcasts? I'm a guest on Bob Knorpp's weekly show, TheBeanCast.
  2. Retirement is a flawed concept—it increases the likelihood of depression by 40%.
  3. Portland, Oregon has a pronounced "women in tech" problem. 
  4. How can we use digital platforms to extract value? That's the wrong question, according to media scholar Douglas Rushkoff.
  5. So-called "loose connections" (not just friends and family) can be highly productive sources of referrals
  6. "Inbound marketing" (a term coined by HubSpot) is under attack. I discuss it on the blog.
  7. Packaging (and the copy on the package) is hugely important to budding cannabis brands. 
  8. PBS remembers Jim Harrison, one of America's greatest writers. 
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