"Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness." -James Thurber
Usher Customers Into Your Own Virtuous Loops

Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 1  

What kind of results is content best at delivering?

What is content's highest use from a marketing perspective?

If you’re a social selling evangelist, content helps move product, and what could be more glorious than that? Brand evangelists believe content helps keeps people in the franchise. Also, pretty nifty.

My own take is that high quality content that people seek out and willingly share is the centerpiece of the relationship marketing pie. At its best, content can create interest in your company's events, where more content can be captured (professional and amateur) that will later help people relive the event, and inspire them to attend another upcoming event. 

Are you ready to usher your customers into this kind of virtuous loop, where digital and experiential work together for the greater good? I'm ready to discuss the possibilities with you.

  1. Are brands Tweeting into silent silos? Perhaps their caretakers misunderstand the nature of the medium.
  2. 19 tips from Oregon entrepreneurs, including this one: “Don’t take advice!” - Kim Malek, co-founder of Salt & Straw 
  3. Four Apps for the passive job seeker. 
  4. "A good story has the power to change fortunes." -Ross Cranford 
  5. Stephen Landau of Substance in Portland wrote a list of "33 Things I Wish Other Agency Owners Had Told Me Eight Years Ago." Number 11: Be transparent with your employees on what is going on with your company. Rumors are poison.
  6. 80 percent of Americans expect payments and checkouts to be handled automatically and 85 percent expect free shipping and returns when shopping online.
  7. Mobile connections with supermarket shoppers take place largely via their loyalty club apps. Some 57% of consumers in Q3 2014 had store apps on their devices, compared to 30% with CPG brand apps and 26% with digital coupon apps. 
  8. The persistent digitization of Nordstrom’s business has allowed the company to grow revenues by more than 50% in the last five years. 
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