“The thing we fear most in organizations—fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances— are the primary sources of creativity.” -Margaret J. Wheatley
Abundance is
Content for the win - Vol. 2, No. 2
March 2013

Happy spring. Wonderful things are blossoming in the world today. Let’s remember to see them, smell them, hear them, taste them and let them touch us. 

Are Your Sales Skills Updated for the Information Economy?
Daniel Pink's new book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Others, his fifth, is impressive. The author replaces the ABCs of selling—"Always Be Closing"—with something much better suited to our time. Pink’s ABCs stand for Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity. He argues, “Today, both sales and non-sales selling depend more on the creative, heuristic, problem-finding skills of artists than on the reductive, algorithmic, problem-solving skills of technicians.” Of course, this is great news because it means I have the skills that are necessary to sell. And so do you!

For a great recap of the main points in Pink’s book, take a look at this Business Insider page. Some of the things that really stick in my mind:

  1. Offer a few compelling choices instead of a massive array of choices
  2. Give people an “off ramp” so they know where to go with the information you provide
  3. See rejection as temporary and specific (it’s not personal)
  4. To gain another’s perspective, give up some of your power
  5. When selling yourself, talk more about future potential than past accomplishments 
In Client News, TeeBoxx Is Flying High
I'm proud to report that TeeBoxx, the disc sports startup I've been working with since August, is making amazing progress right now.

The Omaha-based company placed its first automated retail center at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park in Miami, FL this month. The park is home to two popular 18-hole disc golf courses. Now, thanks to TeeBoxx's innovation and dedicationto d
iscs sports and the parks where disc sports are played, beginners and intermediate players can stock up on fly gear to elevate their game at the point of play.

Since launching two weeks ago, the reception from the disc golf community has been overwhelming and positive. One post on Facebook, which showcases the discs for sale in the TeeBoxx, has generated more than 25,000 views already.

I'm also excited to see the new TeeBoxx.com open its doors in the coming days. It's the first time in my career where content strategy will fuel e-commerce this directly. I look forward to the challenges and the successes we're able to earn.

Recent Content Marketing Campaigns of Note
I'm starting to see some very nice work from a variety of brands.

  • Filson is getting it done with Filson Life, a magazine-like area on their site #ownedmedia
  • IBM care of Ogilvy&Mather just introduced some moving video which powerfully demonstrates what their technology is capable of doing #service
  • I also received a copy of the book, We're Only Human by The Gecko. I can't say I find the book worth reading, but I appreciate the effort made by Martin and GEICO  hope to see better books by brands in the near future

I'm Seeking A Team That's Ready To Summit Content Mtn. 

I want to reach higher. To do this properly, I need to present my content marketing specialty in ways that leave zero doubt that I can help build brands and grow businesses with a finely crafted content plan. To this end, I am working to perfect a presentation on the topic and shop it around. I'd be grateful for any feedback you're willing to provide. It takes a village to scale Content Mountain.

  1. I'm pleased to be working with Pagatim, another Portland-based content specialist, on their programming needs for Levi's. May this relationship "Go Forth" on all fronts.
  2. On a personal note, our landlord is selling the beautiful mid-century modern home in which we live. I also work from this house. So, it's onward and upward for Darby, Lucy and me. We're keeping our options open, and I am presently working to deepen my work relationships in Seattle, to give us one more great option. We will soon see where it all leads. 

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Words That Mean Something
"Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life." -Wayne Dyer