"Productive people force contemplation into their lives." -Charles Duhigg
To See Things Clearly, Get Outside Yourself

Content for the win | Vol. 5, No. 3

One of the most valuable things we offer our clients is new and different perspectives. How do we achieve this? We challenge existing assumptions and each other to come up with fresh approaches to the same old business problems. We also regularly encourage clients to "walk a mile in the customer's shoes." Until we can truly help a client see things the way their customers and prospects see things, our work is incomplete. 

To properly challenge existing assumptions, it's necessary to seek the sacred cows in the room and subject them to scrutiny. If they pass scrutiny, they live. Otherwise, it's the end of the line for that particular belief, practice or bad habit. When there are a number of sensitive egos or layers of bureaucracy in the way of this straightforward progress, friction slows the action and delays the solution. 

What does a sacred cow look like? It depends on your business, but it's as simple as identifying waste and eliminating the "way we've always done it" excuse from the team's vocabulary. In the ad business, winning industry awards is one sacred cow in need of a new pasture. The belief is that awards are good for an individual's career and for the agency's new business efforts. The belief is self-reinforced and widely held, and this makes it sacred. I like to scrutinize this sacred cow. Which sacred cow will you chase from its resting place inside your company?

Post Script

  1. "Five Ways To Motivate Employees" from Kellogg School of Management.
  2. The Donald's brand story is fundamentally flawed. You don't return to past glories. You rise to meet new challenges.
  3. Social media for small business is too often impeded by the platform's draconian processes
  4. Jon Westenberg has some great financial advice for independent contractors.
  5. Hipsters butter their bread just like the rest of us.
  6. Finding Vivian Maier is a fascinating documentary about a brilliant photographer.
  7. Do the swinging dicks who work in stereo stores know they are speaking in tongues? Like so much consumer technology, it's a customer experience (Cx) problem.
  8. National Monuments are national treasures and Oregon is loaded with them.
  9. 10 unique places to stay while visiting Washington Wine Country.
  10. Have you dreamed of owning a winery? This 10-acre vineyard near Walla Walla looks like a great deal.
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