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Content #ftw | Vol. 3, No. 2

February 2014

Joel Ackerman of Orabrush recently said in a Digiday interview, "Brands should acknowledge the fact that they’re brands. People know that you’re a brand. There’s nothing wrong with your product or talking about it." Ackerman, who has found a great deal of success on YouTube, advises that brands be part of the platform's community, and not fake it. 

What does this platform orthodox POV mean for brand storytellers who are challenged with weighing the need for the "art of conversation" against the "art of persuasion"? All businesses need to sell, but not all businesses need to sell online. I don't want to see brands take Ackerman's suggestion as an open invitation to pitch. Digital, for better or worse, is the peoples' medium. An online "user" self-selects and directs their own experience. Historically, this control panel approach to consuming, creating and sharing media has been an unfriendly environment for intrusive advertising. Sadly, this has led misguided advertising execs to promote bogus trends like native advertising.

Native advertising is basically advertorial that blends in with editorial. Why would you want to hide your brand message or brand support for a topic or cause? The premise is faulty and the executions are sloppy. Brand publishing is the high road. If an audience can find a way to trust BuzzFeed or Gawker, they can and do trust Filson, Patagonia, and in some cases Coca-Cola and P&G.

  1. Wildwood closed Tuesday night after a glorious 20-year run. The restaurant on NW 21st Avenue in Portland defined the "fresh Northwest" concept (along with Higgins), so it is sad to see them go.
  2. The cover photo above is the concrete floor at Coava Coffee Roasters, where craft meets hospitality.
  3. Fifteen percent of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of House of Cards season two on Feb. 14, the first day the series became available for viewing. 
  4. Would you like to keep up on small business news as seen through a local banker's lens? Follow @bankerpreneurs on Twitter (a Bonehook client).
  5. On any given day, more than 430,000 tweets are addressed directly to McDonald’s — that’s an astonishing five tweets a second.
  6. My friend Jeff Hardison is in the news. He told Marketplace that if traditional sign companies don’t adapt to digital options, they could disappear.
  7. Dave Allen is also in the news. He has departed Portland agency, North, to join Beats as director of artist & music industry advocacy. OPB has the audio-enabled scoop.
  8. Are you presently using Twitter lists and Twitter search to enhance your experience? Here's one you might want to follow: Brand Strategy.
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