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Strategy Is Seeing The Big Picture

Content for the win | Vol. 5, No. 8

I’ve been thinking about the various metaphors we use to describe the work we do as marketers.
  • There’s the brand doctor metaphor, which applies when clients need a communications cure. 
  • There’s the brand builder metaphor, where a brand architect, general contractor and team of specialists are responsible for the everything from foundation of the brand house to the elaborate trim work throughout. 
  • There’s also the coach/mentor metaphor favored by brand consultants and clients faced with rapidly changing market conditions.
All of the above are valid ways of framing the conversation with clients. Framing is necessary because it helps correctly identify the real problem. For example, a prospective client may ask for a new website. If we just wear one hat—a hard hat in this instance—then we get busy with the details of the remodel.

The danger of specialization is not seeing the whole field of play.

The strategic approach to solving marketing problems requires that we listen intently to the client's requests, and then ask the right questions. When the request is for an updated website, we must ask, "What problems will the remodeled site solve?"

By asking the right questions, we might find that the problem isn't with digital at all. Impediments to progress can be found in many places, sometimes in operations or in the product itself. 

With Q4 on the horizon, it's a good time to assess which Marcom problems you can successfully address by year end. If there’s anything we can help you with, please drop us a line.

Post Script
  1. Do you manage people? Please read this article about the kind of active leadership that your team needs. 
  2. Jesuit High School in Beaverton was named the best high school in the nation for sports. Oregonians love to compete.
  3. Is a machine vying for your job? 
  4. Is it possible for marketers to quiet their mind?
  5. Have you seen Mars lately? NASA is sharing its photographic findings
  6. In ancient Greece, citizens either benefited the whole or were banished.
  7. Looking for a high-growth sector? Senior care franchises are baby-booming.
  8. Did you know that POTUS has a 13 handicap? He also has impeccable taste in music.
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