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Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 2 

Recently fellow Portland entrepreneur and brand builder Stephen Landau of Substance wrote an article about lessons learned in business. One of Landau's 33 lessons learned (in his eight years at the helm of a design shop) is, "Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t judge yourself against others. Judge yourself against yourself."

Wise words, and all the more important coming from a person in an industry that loves to shower itself in false adulation. Chasing the wrong ideal is what a lot of people in branding, advertising, marketing and media do all day. Thankfully, there are other choices to be made, and one of the best options, by far, is to focus intently on craft. 

Craft means custom work. If we were architects instead of brand builders, we'd set out to make energy efficient buildings complete with tasteful artistic embellishments. The purpose of this work being entirely utilitarian, yet requiring elements of beauty. With no beauty, the experience is flat, cold and unremarkable. With beauty, a building or a brand transcends. And that's what we want; we want our computers, our cars, our homes, our jobs (and so on) to be amazing. 

Can we consider for a minute how we can be even more amazing together? Perhaps we can have an amazing phone call, or an amazing meeting over coffee. Who knows, you might contribute a big idea to help me grow Bonehook, and I might return the favor.

  1. Oregon City, OR is for dreamers and doers. Ergo, Bonehook belongs here
  2. KEXP hosts some truly amazing artists in its Seattle studio. 
  3. 20 things only people from New England can understand. 
  4. SeeDepth, a PR firm near Boston, asked me a bunch of questions about marketing. 
  5. Portland startup, Vacasa, is making some major noise in the vacation home rental space. 
  6. There's a new community conference being organized in Portland's South Metro, a.k.a. 3Rivers region. 
  7. "By your 40s, you don't want to be with the cool people; you want to be with your people." -Pamela Druckerman 
  8. Reality check: there are twice as many entrepreneurs older than 50 than there are younger than age 25
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Writing brand copy like designing a building; the purpose is utilitarian, but utility needn't be an impediment to artfulness.

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