“The whole business of using advertising to fund communication on the Internet is inherently self-destructive, because the only stuff that can be advertised on Google or Facebook is stuff that Google hasn’t already forced to be free." -Jaron Lanier
The OC
Content for the win - Vol. 2, No. 3
May 2013

Others Don't Define You, But They Can Help You See Yourself
I recently had a beer at Bailey's Taproom in downtown Portland with Bob Hoffman and his long-time creative partner Sharon Krinsky After spending two-plus decades working together at Hoffman/Lewis, the two now run Type A Group, a consultancy to agencies. Sharon and I had never met before, which is good because you can see yourself anew in a stranger's eyes. What I learned from Sharon is I am a social media marketing expert, which made me laugh, but to her and Bob it wasn't a laughing matter. It's a way for me to turn one of my specialties into cash. I mentioned how I have never thought of AdPulp.com as a social media brand. But the lesson here is clear -- it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what the audience thinks. 

It may pay to pause a moment and ask yourself what business you're in. It definitely pays to ask what kind of business you want to be in moving forward. For instance, no one in advertising ever got fired for keeping the client happy, but that does not mean MarCom is about keeping clients happy. As far as I can tell, MarCom is about keeping clients' customers happy. It sounds like a fine distinction, but it's not. Clients see their brand one way, and actual prospects and customers may see it another way. The agent or agency has to justify these different views, and keep both parties happy, or the chance to advocate for the customer will slip away, along with the account. This is tricky stuff, client service.

A Note On the Relationship Between @AdPulp and @Bonehook

Bonehook is my marketing services company, and AdPulp is the media company. Bonehook is in the business of making media, or content, for clients. Making media is a marketing service today, along with media buying, design, web development and all the rest. AdPulp is a testament to Bonehook's ability and experience in the field, and a model for what a site and social media brand can be, in any well defined niche (in wine, sailing, fishing, golf, etc.). The model replicates with proper investment. Think of your brandsite.com as the brand sun. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are the brand's social planets. And a stand alone media property like RedBulletin from RedBull, a newsstand magazine owned and run by the brand, is a brand moon. To do content marketing right, you want this full solar system working together in perfect harmony. 

Darby's Major League SaaS
I am pleased to report that Darby Burn Strong is rocking a new job as Flight Coordinator at Little Bird, the startup run by Marshall Kirkpatrick (of ReadWriteWeb fame) and his wife Mikalina. Litte Bird is software as a service (SaaS) in the social listening and influencer space. The company's software provides insights to paying clients about people with influence in a given topical area. For instance, I might run a report to see who has influence in Social Media Marketing or in Disc Golf. I also want to see where I and my clients rank in Little Bird's findings for particular topics. Darby is putting her operations magic and people skills to work at LittleBird, and it's really great to see her excited about work again. It's what we do with our days, so we are obligated to get it right, and Darby's got it right, right now. Cheers to that!

I'm on The BeanCast, Episode 251 
I counted the episodes up recently, and I was surprised to learn that I have appeared on The BeanCast -- a podcast about Marketing -- a total of 13 times now. I must have a lot to say about marketing. Or something. Here's a bit of what I did have to say on Sunday night about American companies employing off-shore "slave labor" as a means to their low-prices-at-all-costs end. 

“I don’t think the value shopper really cares about slave labor. I wish they did but I don’t think they do, so what is the answer from a marketing perspective? We’ve got to give them something that they do care about. I think “Made in America” would be amazing, and Wal-Mart which wants to fly the freaking flag like the Republican Party, would be an ideal candidate to say, ‘You know what, we're going to raise prices a bit, we’re going to explain this to you and we’re going to create jobs in America.’”

  1. TeeBoxx.com is live on these internets, thanks to the work of Chuck Spidell and the TeeBoxx client team, led by Aaron Martin. 
  2. I am on Medium now. Medium is the new storytelling platform from @Biz and @Ev of Twitter. My first post is about seeing The Great Gatsby in 3D.
  3. Last week, after buying new discs from Jerry at Disc Golf Depot on SE 118th in Portland, I headed out to play nine at Rockwood Central Park. I don't know how it happened, but I shot a one under par round of 26, making a long putt on my last throw to save the sub-par round. I felt elated all day.  An exemplary sports performance, lucky or not, will do that. 
  4. By the way, Bonehook has a Tumblr
  5. You might enjoy the feature article I wrote about Salt Lake City-based agency, Struck.
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