"The most valuable forms of marketing are consumed voluntarily." -Seth Godin
Dial In A New Direction

Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 9

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It's my business to help your business grow. Yet, for that to happen we need to talk. Because we need to talk, I want to offer you a 30-minute phone call where you outline the marketing challenges in front of you. After the call, I will prepare a short deck that outlines possible next steps and new directions. 

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Do Try This At The Office:
In marcom, there's nothing worse than design (or copy) by committee. At the same time, a marketing director must take the temperature of the room to make sure "what the staff believes" is consistent with the company's external messaging. If there is something worse than design by committee, it's external messaging that doesn't fit the real company. 


  1. The Oregonian's Editorial Board is pro-California and pro-immigrant, because it's good for the state's economy. 
  2. You want to rewrite the copy? Excellent, the rate for those changes just shot through the roof. 
  3. I dislike that this commercial is necessary. It doesn't take a new car to unchain you from your desk.
  4. Get more utility from Twitter Analytics. 
  5. Social selling, no. Social helping, yes.
  6. I am looking for the perfect public or private properties in West Linn, Wilsonville and Lake Oswego to build a disc golf course. In related news, Pickleball is gaining in popularity.
  7. Exit interviews are for the brave. If you have advanced listening skills, you can learn a lot about your organization in very few minutes.
  8. In an unregulated industry like advertising, industry standards are meaningless until you decide to uphold them.
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