"The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection." -Henri Nouwen
Content for the win | Vol. 3, No. 4

April 2014

Servicing small- to medium-sized businesses isn't something many advertising agencies bother to do. Agency rainmakers figure there's not enough money in it, and worse, management at SMBs may show little appreciation for marketing's role in building a strong brand for the long haul. 

Bonehook is the exception to this rule and several other rules. After working with a lot of large but unimpressive clients in previous agency incarnations, I found a new way to go about my business. This new way is fully dependent on all parties buying in. When I admire what you do and how you do it, I can buy in and get right to the hard work of brand care taking. When you buy in to our lean and agile framework, custom-made teams and competitive flat fee pricing, then the door is open to a successful partnership.

I've worked for several small businesses and I run one today. Running a small business is a tall order and much of the management team's focus is on operations. Yet, SMBs need brand care taking just as badly as their well-heeled cousins listed on the Fortune 500. The difference is this; the execs who run SMBs are not convinced. Clients at large companies don't ask, "Why do we need this?" They ask, "How do we get this done?"

Legendary ad man, Lee Clow, says, "Everything a brand does is advertising." How you answer the phone is advertising. How your write emails and update Twitter is advertising. Even paying your company's bills on time is advertising. Therefore, shying away from the need for a well-honed brand strategy is seriously bad form. The impressions that your company makes every day on prospects, customers, staff and investors depends on your willingness to plan and invest in advertising.

  1. I am giving a talk with Larry Jacobsen of Elemental Gain on May 15th in Bend, Oregon. The topic is, "How to Apply Lean and Agile Development Principles for Content Marketing Purposes."
  2. Bend is home to a growing startup scene, largely funded by former Silicon Valley VCs. 
  3. Colleen DeCourcy recently made partner at W+K. Read more at AdPulp.com.
  4. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is on! We haven't attended since we moved to Portland. This must change. #WWOZ #FTW
  5. We played disc golf in Naples, Florida last week (and lost two discs to the water hazard). I also joined the Professional Disc Golf Association. #PDGA
  6. Following a 3.5 year take down of my YouTube account, I'm pleased to report that the Google has reinstated my account following a legal challenge. 
  7. Microsoft is digging up branded treasures in the New Mexico desert and making original brand content in the process. 
  8. John Oliver pulls no punches in this blistering assessment of Oregon's Healthcare Exchange ad campaign, which was created by Portland agency North.

Bonehook is a guide service and bait shop for brands. We help you find, shape and share your best brand stories. To book, call 503-970-3862. 
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