"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." -Eleanor Roosevelt
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Content for the win

Vol. 2, No. 5
Sept. 2013

Reporting live from Oregon Country.

Are we evolved yet?

A recent Adobe survey found that 76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50.

Clearly, there is much opportunity in this turbulent media atmosphere — new agencies with new specialties are being born. On the other hand, there is much chagrin. Read more on AdPulp.

Also see Bob Hoffman's take on The Ad Contrarian. He writes, "We now have big shots working in the online channel who are proud to say they have no knowledge of, and no interest in, advertising." #brutal

Are you psyched to synch?

Breaking Bad's final episode aired last night. The AMC show broke new ground, including the development of a popular second screen experience. Is second-screen interaction the new normal? If so, what does this mean for commercials? Seems to me like there is little room for interruptions in this usage configuration.

Bentonville debuts serial video content

Get On The Shelf is a new "reality show" from Walmart delivered exclusively on the web, where contestants vie to get their products on the shelves of the world's largest retailer.

Lists are cheap link bait, except this one (this one is totally legit)

Here is a highly condensed list to solving marketing problems today.

  1. Make It About Them, Not You
  2. Don’t Pitch, Provide
  3. Solve Real Problems for People
  4. Co-Create, a.k.a. Make Cool Stuff Together
  5. Relinquish The Idea That You’re In Control
  6. Surprise and Delight
  7. Stand On Your Principles
  8. Invite People to a Party

If you'd like to discuss an item in this list (and what it means in your own situation), give me a ring at 503-970-3862.

Oh Canada!

We had such a great vacation last month in British Columbia. Going in, we knew Okanagan was referred to as "Canada's Napa." Now we know why. We visited several glorious wineries around the lake, and one stood head and shoulders above the rest. Our favorite place in the world for lunch: Quail's Gate.

Make it Wilder

I am excited for our friend  Raquel Bournhonesque. She's about to open a new cafe and bar on NE Killingsworth in Portland. I am psyched to dine on its straight-forward, farm fresh food and sample the variety of local beer on tap. 

Paid content

I am pleased to point you to my new feature on #socialselling, now appearing in the pages of The Content Strategist. â€œContent is the currency of the modern sales organization,” Jill Rowley of Oracle told me.

Content marketing tip

Don't try so hard. Be yourself and tell your story, warts and all. There is untapped power in vulnerability. Here, allow me to demonstrate. With just three months left in the year, I am well short of my income projections. What does this fact of my business life have to do with you? Maybe nothing, but it is a good time to reach out for marketing/writing help, as I am definitely in deal-making mode.

Forward to Friend
I made a Tweet and look what came to me in the mail from @ObviousState! #gift #influencermarketing

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