"Your competition can copy everything you do except for the story you tell." -Don Schultz
Drop the Formula

Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 8

"Nowadays you just cannot make a living off of banner advertising, you have to do sponsored posts." -Heather Armstrong

When blogging emerged on the scene a little more than a decade ago, it was a big deal. Talented writers were no longer be subject to the whims of publishing's gate keepers. Quality writing could now be published with the mere push of a button and automagically find an audience. Of course, those halcyon days vanished as competition and noise levels increased. 

Today, talented writers who seek to be widely read online are equally concerned about SEM, SEO, A-B testing, production schedules, and a host of things besides the production of elegant prose. As everyone becomes a marketer and a personal brand, where goes the focus on making art, making a statement, making something that will endure?

Portland sci-fi author Ursula Le Guin said, "Right now, I think we need writers who know the difference between the production of a market commodity and the practice of an art." She had book publishing in her crosshairs, but it could have been any number of industries looking to cut costs, media and marketing included. 

My twist on Le Guin's thinking is this: I think we need marketers (and their helpers) who know the difference between the production of hollow advice masquerading as thought leadership and genuine insights.


  1. Are you having candid conversations at work? 
  2. Fundamentally, selling is serving. 
  3. Don't be like Amazon.com—routinely recognize your team's contributions. 
  4. Trump's "Make America Great Again" is a watered down version of Reagan's "Morning in America." It's also a pessimistic misreading of the now. 
  5. Researchers say, people consistently underestimate the value of persisting on creative tasks.
  6. Read my short piece about lead generation on LinkedIn Pulse.
  7. Writers suffer. Sometimes needlessly.
  8. People "hate" making phone calls? Since when?
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Writing copy is like designing a building; the purpose is utilitarian, but utility isn't an impediment to artfulness.

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