“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.” -Ed Abbey
Content #ftw | Vol. 2, No. 6
November 2013

The rainy season is upon us.
Time to nourish our roots.

Let's make every season, gratitude season 

I am grateful for the clients who believe in me and continue to seek my help answering their marketing problems. I am grateful for the attention of readers. I am grateful for your friendship.

New work now up at 52LTD

52 Limited—a talent concern based in Portland—introduced its redesigned website this month. In preparation for the relaunch, I wrote a half dozen new features for them, including "Eight Steps To A Dramatically Improved Portfolio" and "What Are Creative Technologists and Why Do So Many Companies Need One?"

eMail, you're alright

Email doesn't get a lot of respect, but if recent press reports are any indication, the mood may be changing and email's stock may be rising. 

eMarketerAs staid as it may seem, email seems to serve marketers extremely well, as evidenced by consumers’ perceptions of it. Almost one-third of consumers thought email delivered relevant marketing messages, while three in 10 thought email messages were accurate, and just over one-quarter considered them memorable. 

The Awl: Social media's entire conceit is for it to never end, ephemera ad infinitum. Email exists to end; to be cleared, filed away, archived, deleted.

Fast CompanyEmail sits in your inbox until you do something with it. You don't have to look at it right away. It just kind of waits for you.

Naturally, I hope yo enjoy the contents herein before you file this or delete it. And thank you again for subscribing, opening and considering the materials presented.

Content marketing is amorphous, let's call it brand publishing instead

Sam Slaughter, vp of content at Contently saidA valuable piece of brand content doesn’t exist in a vacuum, despite what some publishers would have you believe. In fact, content is an effective medium for brands because it maps back to a broader narrative—the story a brand is telling about itself. Which is why in my office we have a swear jar for anyone who uses the term content marketing—it insinuates that the content exists to sell you a product, when in reality great content exists to tell a story.

When duty calls, 12 citizens answer

I was recently selected for jury duty in Oregon City. The case I heard with 11 other jurors was a civil case against Clackamas County dealing with wrongful arrest and abuse of police powers. We found in favor of the plaintiff, 10-2, and awarded her the maximum monetary award of $100,000. In the end, justice was served, but it was trying to say the least to hear what this woman was put through and maddening to hear the county's pedantic lawyer defend the wrongdoing with zealous abandon and zero feel for the temperature of room. 

The four full days of service to county, state and country left me mentally fatigued and frustrated by the gross waste of resources built in to our system of justice. Nevertheless, the judge was nice enough to thank us for our service, and until he framed jury duty as an essential balance of powers that was set forth in The Constitution, I mostly overlooked what was behind our system, and just accepted that we have such a system.
  1. Bonehook is like Bright Eyes or Iron & Wine. Based upon a client's need, Bonehook can be me (David Burn) performing solo or a band of communicators jamming together on a brand's behalf. 
  2. For all its ubiquity, Facebook has some serious usability issues. When you manage a Facebook Page for a business it's difficult to see who follows your page, and there's no way to export this data once you do find it. 
  3. I may have found a local cause to get behind. The Willamette Falls Legacy Project is a new community effort to reclaim the famous Oregon City landmark after 150 years of industry. 
  4. New favorite Oregon made beer: Mountain Rescue Dry Hopped Pale Ale from Goodlife Brewing in Bend.
  5. Did you happen to see 60 Minutes on Sunday? The piece they produced on the people who make music from trash in Paraguay is truly inspiring.
  6. Stoller Vineyards has a non-regulation nine-hole disc golf course set up on their property just west of Dundee. The baskets are portable, there are no tee pads and the course is not registered with the PDGA. But you can buy a bottle of wine and drink it while throwing on Stoller's gorgeous grounds!
Bonehook is a guide service and bait shop for brands. Call 503-970-3862 to book.

Words That Mean Something
"There are many different ways of making moral judgments. You can flip a coin, you can go for mystical experience, you can defer to the precepts of religion, or you can use the tools of reason. Using the tools of reason is the method of ethics." -David Keller, a.k.a. The Mortal Moroni