"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." -William James
Smart Operators Focus On Creating Brand Value

Content for the win | Vol. 5, No. 9

You are in business to solve a particular problem that your future and current customers have. Solving these problems is the real value that your company provides. To assess the overall value of your company, you must add the company's real value to its brand value. Brand value is perceived value, and harder to quantify; nevertheless, your ability to do so may add millions to your valuation.

Before we dive too deep, let's remember that brand value is intrinsic to your company—it's not something you conjure up prior to a sale. Perceptions are built over time with consistent brand messaging and one-to-one interactions with customers. Brand is not a logo. Brand is the sum of every idea that people hold in their minds about your company. Thus, brand experience is something you invest in today in order to help build existing and future brand value. 

Whatever industry you're in, you can start building brand value today by walking a mile in your customers' shoes. We all want to focus on what we want to say, but customers are focused on what they need to know. This gap is a massive impediment to progress, and companies typically need an outside firm to help them see the problem and solve it.

One thing people need to know (regardless of whatever else you're solving for them) is that they're acknowledged. When people feel heard, there's an opening for customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. Are you currently hearing from your customers in a way that honors their needs, while challenging your own perceptions of reality? If what you hear is "all good," I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. For ideas on how to go about that, reach out to me and we'll find the way.

Post Script
  1. People who receive negative feedback try to avoid any further interactions with the critic, as a means of preserving their view of themselves.
  2. Portland's mid-century modern home lovers love homes designed by local architect Robert Rummer.
  3. The Nebraska Cornhuskers geek out on data. #GoBigRed
  4. A type of ethnographic research, "journey mapping," involves imagining every step your customers take on the path to buying your product.
  5. The Hillary for President team gets how relationship marketing depends on digital.
  6. Read "The Castaways," a burst of my microfiction on Medium.
  7. I'm a guest on Bob Knorpp's prime time marketing show, The BeanCast, this week. 
  8. I'm hooked on the idea of a prefabricated eco-home on a small acreage near the water.
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