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Be More Findable By Adding Consistent Value

Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 7

Search marketing is something I typically farm out to people much more informed than me. Yet, I find that I can't farm it all out, and that I need to be conversant in the field. Given that we often use content to help boost our client's search results, the analytics piece becomes more central by the day.

Even for specialists, search marketing is a dense topic. I want to offer you something you can use today. Here are two tools to help with keyword discovery: SEM Rush and Buzz Sumo.

Keyword discovery is an early step in the SEM process. I searched "healthcare IT" on both sites this morning (on HealthCo Systems' behalf) and got copious results that can now be exported and studied. Knowing which companies and media organizations chart high for certain keywords helps determine who is influential in your space, and who you're competing against for top search rankings.

One final note on being findable via search...Don't overlook the value of showing up in person


  1. There are way more than 16 people running for President in 2016. Media filters run deep. 
  2. "The Internet has democratized management thinking ... That’s a good thing." -Matt Shaw
  3. Miami ad man, Bruce Turkel, gets his belt shined in Puerto Rico. It could mean more sales for you.
  4. This review of "Fare Thee Well" is the one that makes sense to me. #GD50
  5. The Oregonian is getting down to green business in this video series. 
  6. This bike made in Vancouver, BC is calling out to be ridden. #UpperLeft
  7. Cross-training at work builds additional skills. It also creates empathy. Walk a mile in your co-workers shoes.
  8. It's 2015, do you know where your Google Indexed Pages are? 
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