"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." -FDR
Win a little, Win a lot

Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 4 

Are you celebrating your company's little wins? How about your own little wins? 

“It’s easy to get sucked into the mentality of looking forward to the next big obstacle," advises  Matten Griffel, CEO of OneMonth, "but it’s very important for the morale of your company to stop and celebrate the little wins. Creating some sort of tradition — whether it’s champagne or ringing a gong — will help give your team perspective and prevent burnout in the long run.”

Lots of little wins may ultimately serve you, and your company, better than the big win. Think in terms of winning new clients. A big win puts a whole lot of chips in one juicy pile, whereas a series of smaller wins is manageable and more productive for the long term health of the firm. 

Okay, now let me take my own advice and celebrate a small win. Bonehook's Q1 revenue rose 90% over 2014. Gong!

Now it's your turn. 

  1. It is healthy to let your mind wander
  2. Great leaders don't referee, they help team members resolve conflicts on their own.
  3. Speakout 3 Rivers—a community conference—is seeking dynamic speakers to address issues in education, economy and environment. I am on the organizing committee. 
  4. Does your To-Do List need a makeover? Only 11% of us accomplish all the tasks we've planned to do on an average workday.
  5. As video becomes more and more central to digital marketing success, agencies are bringing video production in-house.
  6. Agency consultant Tim Williams believes a firm is defined by the clients it does not have: "The professional services firm that stands for everything ends up looking like they stand for nothing." 
  7. One question I always ask when considering taking on new work: Can I invest in client outcomes? 
  8. I like this "How To Be A Creative Director" slide deck from Rob Schwartz of TBWA/Chiat/Day in New York. See slide 14.
Bonehook is a guide service and bait shop for brands. We help companies find, shape and share their best brand stories. To charter, call 503-970-3862. 
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