"Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.” -Arnold H. Glasgow
How Well Do You Keep Score?

Content for the win | Vol. 4, No. 10

Do you want to make a change? Accountability is the difference maker.

Whatever you're doing—from running a company, to running a 10K—how you opt to keep yourself accountable will determine future outcomes. For instance, I've never signed up for Weight Watchers, but I realize the high degree of success that people have with WW comes down to the systems of accountability that the organization creates. By going to meetings and weighing in, you're using measurement and peer review to stay accountable. By counting and keeping a record of caloric intake at every meal and snack, you're holding yourself accountable for your own weight loss. 

Look at your own work. You're likely accountable for making X number of sales calls each week or following up with Y number of leads. Or you're accountable for producing identifiable results that you can take to the board, or your client, and secure more funding for future initiatives. 

Accountability can become rather tricky for CEOs who lack a Board of Directors, or for the solopreneur with no investors to weigh in on company decisions. When you are tasked with keeping yourself accountable, you may succeed through an act of sheer willpower, like dieting with no help from Weight Watchers. For others, there's a clear need for structure, a plan, a routine and other checks and balances that create accountability. It can be as simple as committing to attending one industry event per week. For me to do this successfully, I need a system that includes reporting (on a spreadsheet), or it won't happen. 

I also need other human beings to help hold me accountable. Chances are you do too. When we work together to solve marketing problems, this is something we can help one another with. You'll need me to be accountable for converting leads into customers, and I'll need you to be accountable for your role in achieving the agreed upon ends.


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