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General Practitioners Needed

Content for the win | Vol. 5, No. 2

Content marketing, blah blah blah. The term is so over-used today and there are so many purveyors of formulaic garbage passing as "content," I feel there's little value left in the phrase. 

As someone who went "all in" on digital at the turn of the century, I've spent a great deal of time filling websites with text since then. It's something brands need and we are well equipped to provide it. The question is, how much digital and how much content does a brand need?

Last month I asked, do you know where your best leads come from and is inbound marketing getting the job done? Clearly, digital has a role to play in creating conversions. The task is to identify the precise role or roles, without chasing a bunch of digital dead ends.

I come from an integrated marketing background. To me, every point of contact is important. Advertising firms make ads. Integrated marketers convey brand value at every point of contact. It may be a subtle distinction, but I see it as a defining lens. Ad makers want to make a pop culture smash and hope it boosts brand awareness. Integrated marketers want to move the needle.

Whatever the approach, smart marketers know which point of contact is the source of their  best leads and highest conversion rates. For one of our clients—Danville Services of Oregon—we are about to learn much more about this by placing QR Codes on posters, print ads, and on event handouts. When a prospect scans the code and lands on the microsite, we will know which piece of media they acted on and which community they represent.

While technology like QR codes can help to make static print pieces "interactive" and a source of actionable data, that's more of a footnote. The bigger story is about building bridges and opening gateways for prospects to enter. It's done in person, in print, and online. A general practitioner can help you see the systems view and create a holistic, media neutral plan.

Post Script

  1. According to Pew, 41% of Americans believe mothers working outside the home is bad for society.
  2. Hyundai's "First Date" was this year's favorite Super Bowl commercial, according to USA TODAY's Ad Meter. The Colgate commercial is better.
  3. Six obvious but relevant website optimization tips to help generate more conversions.
  4. “An hourly rate tells (clients) nothing about what the agency can or will accomplish.” -Keenan Beasley
  5. Speaking of digital dead ends...the FT concludes, there is no viable economic model for a written news product.
  6. Brand stories can be highly visual. I love how Filson is using Exposure, for instance. 
  7. This is great economic news for the state of Oregon. 
  8. Do not piss off the geeks. Last week, Loser.com was pointing to Donald Trump's Wikipedia page, this week a new "loser" is in its crosshairs.
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