"Without data you're just another person with an opinion." -W. Edwards Deming
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Content for the win | Vol. 5, No. 11

In our so-called polite society, there are certain things you just don't say or do. We now live in a post-polite society and it's time for brand communications to reflect the new reality. 

American novelist, Barbara Kingsolver, recently suggested that "politeness is no substitute for morality, and won’t save us in the end." She was talking about politics, but the same holds true for our businesses. The best work in all fields is the result of ruthless scrutiny and a willingness to re-examine time-tested concepts. 

I recently read an article in Harvard Business Review about the steps Domino's took to reinvent itself. Essentially, they decided to make better pizza. Nowhere in the piece does the author credit Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (the agency on the account) for its role in challenging the brand to do more than make better advertising. Nevertheless, Crispin's greasy fingers are all over this brand reinvention.

Today, a brand's marketing is mostly meaningless when the promises made (via the brand's various marketing vehicles) are not operational. The post-polite reality is not post-truth, it's the opposite. When you drop the polite pretense, it's all about truth and transparency. 

Was it easy or polite for the agency team at Crispin to look across the table at the Domino's executive team and tell them the truth about their pizza? It's never easy to do the brave thing, but doing the brave thing is the right thing to do, and it's where the spark of true greatness begins.

Post Script
  1. 10 things to look for in a great leader.
  2. 61% of 288 CMOs surveyed by Duke's Fuqua School of Business reported feeling pressure from the CEO or board to prove marketing value.
  3. Your brand story is the company campfire. Keep it burning with professional help. 
  4. A lot of people are asking, "What good is data?" Including people who work on Madison Avenue. 
  5. Get out of your office. Get out of your head. Get out of your routine.
  6. The average lifespan of a marketer/agency relationship is 3.2 years. I'm pleased to say we far outpace that average.
  7. Is it good form for an ad guy to take strong political stands in a public forum. Here's my answer.
  8. Have we mentioned lately how much we rely on Cathy Solarana in Omaha to raise the design bar for our clients?
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"Rules are what the artist breaks; the memorable never emerged from a formula.” -Bill Bernbach

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