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March and April 2012

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Courses & Events at Sarum College

March and April 2012  |  Download a booking form or email
God Revealed in Art

God Revealed in Art

Evil, Sin and Suffering: Explore these challenging questions by examining paintings from the 11th century to the 21st. 31 March Details
Biblical Study Break

Biblical Study Break

Rediscovering Jesus: What contribution do the Gospels make in our understanding of the person at the heart of 'the Jesus movement'? 23-26 April Details
Giles Fraser

Sarum Lectures 2012

The Sarum Theological Lectures will be delivered by the Revd Dr Giles Fraser on The Morality of New War. 30 April, 1,2, 3 May. Details
Money, the Economy & Faith

Money, Economy & Faith

One-day course exploring finance from two faith perspectives, Muslim and Christian. With Peter Selby & Tarek El Diwany. 14 June Details
The Art of Healing
An exhibition on the relationship between art and health, healing, and wholeness. Until Tuesday 8 May. Open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat. Details

God, Beauty and the Imagination
Discover aesthetics generally, and theological aesthetics in particular. Monday 12 to Thursday 15 March Details

Lunchtime Concert
Voice and piano with Sophie Gallagher. Friday 23 March, 12:45-2pm Details

Holy Week at Sarum College
Quiet days in a retreat-like atmosphere in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close. Each day will include a short talk from a Sarum College staff member to help you shape the day for reflection and prayer. Monday 2 to Sunday 8 April Details

Spirituality of Ageing - Post-Retirement Spirituality: Where to now?
Explore the spiritual challenges associated with retirement and why it might mark a spiritual transition point. What is this transition and why it is important to reflect on the spiritual needs of those post-retirement? Thursday 12 April, 10am-4.30pm Details

Medieval Spirituality
Examine the politics and cultural movements that affected the development of Christian spirituality during the medieval period and assess the impact of the Crusades on the development of relationships with Islam. Monday 16 to Thursday 19 April Details

God Save our Gracious Queen: Liturgy at Times of National Importance
At times of national celebration or mourning individuals and communities still instinctively turn to the Church to give expression to their feelings and hopes. But what is our underpinning theology of such events? Friday 20 April, 10am-4pm Details

The Gospel According to Giotto
Giotto's frescoes in Scrovegni Chapel offer an inspired narrative drawn from the Infancy Gospel of James and others from the New and Old Testament. Saturday 21 April, 10am-4.30pm Details

Theology Quest and Questions  March & April
  •  Jesus Lives!
    It is argued that the resurrection of Jesus belongs outside the sphere of history. But the claims of the early Christians to have ‘seen’ Jesus a few days after his death or to have discovered an open and empty tomb certainly belong within history. Tuesday 13 March, 7-9pm Details
  • Before and Beyond the Damascus Road
    To begin the study of Paul is to be faced with a battery of questions, including: how influential on him were the Christian groups that already existed before whatever it was that happened on the road to Damascus? Tuesday 17 April, 7-9pm Details
  • The Question of God
    Following his ‘conversion’ Paul had to rethink everything, even the question of God, so we consider how his new thinking related to other people’s thoughts about God at the time and earlier. Tuesday 24 April, 7-9pm Details

Looking Ahead...

Vulnerability and Transformation
Explore in various creative ways our common experience of human fragility and how it can become the context for transformation. Friday 4 to Sunday 6 May Details

Pastoral Liturgy: Prayer and Lord's Prayer Day
The day will explore what prayer is, why we do it and what we say. Thursday 17 May, 10am-4.30pm Details

Singing with Confidence
A relaxed weekend of singing with techniques and advice for all those who think they can’t sing. Ministers wary of singing in front of their congregations very welcome! Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 May Details

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