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February and March 2012
Sarum College
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Courses & Events at Sarum College

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Flight by Charlotte Mayer

Art of Healing

An exhibition on the relationship between art and health, healing, and wholeness. Until Tuesday 8 May. Open 9am - 5pm Mon-Sat.
Write to Life

Write to Life

A presentation of poetry and prose by members of Freedom from Torture's Write to Life programme. Wednesday 22 Feb, 6.30pm start.
Giles Fraser

Sarum Lectures

The Sarum Theological Lectures will be delivered by the Revd Dr Giles Fraser on The Morality of New War, 30 April, 1,2, 3 May. Details
Book Launch

Plain English

Bryan Evans will speak on his new book, Plain English: A Wealth of Words, at Sarum College Bookshop on Thursday 16 February at 4pm. 
Devotional Verse from c.1400 to the Present
A series of five Lenten lectures. Experience the richness of the tradition of devotional verse which is a constant feature of English Literature from the Middle Ages to the present day. Monday 5 March, 7-9pm Details

Pastoral Ministry and Christian Spiritual Direction
Addresses central issues in pastoral ministry such as: faith development, ageing, and death and dying. Monday 5 March to Thursday 8 March Details

Why Did Jesus Die?
This question can be addressed on the historical level: who crucified Jesus, and why? It can also be considered on the theological level. Tuesday 6 March, 7-9pm Details

God, Beauty and the Imagination
Discover aesthetics as a subject, in general, and to theological aesthetics in particular. Monday 12 March to Thursday 15 March Details

The Eucharist
Explore the development of eucharistic worship from the New Testament to the contemporary church through an analysis of the most significant primary and secondary sources. Monday 12 March to Thursday 15 March Details

Jesus Lives!
It would be arguable that the resurrection of Jesus belongs outside the sphere of history. But the claims of the early Christians to have ‘seen’ Jesus a few days after his death or to have discovered an open and empty tomb certainly belong within history. Tuesday 13 March, 7-9pm Details 

Lunchtime Concert
Voice and piano with Sophie Gallagher. Friday 23 March, 12:45-2pm Details 

God Revealed in Art: Evil, Sin and Suffering
An examination of challenging and fundamental questions about evil, sins and suffering through paintings by several artists, from the 11th century to the 21st. Saturday 31 March, 10am to 4:30pm Details

Looking Ahead...

Spirituality of Ageing Series
A four-day series over four months exploring spiritual issues raised by ageing including post-retirement spirituality, meeting the needs of friends and relatives, spirituality and care homes, living and dealing with dementia, and death and dying. 12 April, 24 May, 28 June and 12 July Details

Biblical Study Break: Rediscovering Jesus
Explore the contribution that all the Gospels make to our reconstruction and understanding of the person at the heart of ‘the Jesus movement’. Monday 23 April to Thursday 26 April Details

God Save our Gracious Queen: Liturgy at Times of National Importance
This year the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. At times of national celebration or national mourning individuals and communities still instinctively turn to the Church to give expression to their feelings and hopes. But what is our underpinning theology of such events? Friday 20 April, 10am-4pm Details