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Newsletter No. 6

October 17, 2018

Dear 7th grade parents,


How has your child adapted to the 7:30 a.m. school start time this year? Are they having trouble waking up in the morning? Are you driving them to school to get a few minutes extra sleep? Are they skipping breakfast? Do they seem moodier than before?

Did you know your child would be healthier and happier if they got back the hour of sleep that their 6th grade school start time allowed?

Doctors agree that starting school at 7:30 a.m. is harmful to adolescents' health, because it virtually guarantees that teens will suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. 

Every major medical organization, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has written a policy statement encouraging school districts to adopt a healthier school start time for middle and high schools that is NO EARLIER THAN 8:30 a.m. 

Locally, every Pediatrician at New Canaan Pediatrics and New England Pediatrics agrees - the doctors have sent letters to our Board of Education urging them to prioritize changing school start times as soon as possible. 

Sign our petition today to add your voice!

New Canaan Parents Voice their Opinions 

If you are like most New Canaan families, you are living with adolescents who are sleep deprived. Here are just a few comments from families who signed our petition:

“Three exhausted daughters!” - L.S.


Children are getting up and going to school in the dark.” - S.S.


“My kids are exhausted in the morning and can barely eat breakfast before they go school, and they tend to not wake up until midmorning and their results show this - they need just a couple more hours of sleep.” - M.D.


“Any parent knows that little kids wake up early and tire early; older kids wake up later and go to bed later. Doing the school calendar in reverse has always seemed against common sense.” - C.B.

“My kids will be in those grades before I know it and I have always believed that those early start times are not healthy for growing teens.  Especially in this day and age when there are a million after school activities plus lots of homework, I feel strongly that our children would benefit greatly getting more adequate sleep.  Thank you for your consideration.” - K.G.


“This is important to me because I want my children to have enough sleep to maximize their opportunity for learning” - B.P.


“My kids are in a constant state of exhaustion” - M.K.


“It is brutally unfair to students and families to require them to awake shortly after 6am, usually in the dark, to get ready for school.  Take the advice of health and education experts, and reform the system to enable students to be well rested and properly engaged.” - C.B.

“Growing teens need their sleep!!!” - J.M.

“My son is currently in 5th grade and I am hearing stories from older children’s families about how their children have to be on the bus at 640am. In my opinion that is too early; it’s incredibly early for any children to be up breakfasted, backpack sorted, showered, on the bus (and my kids are early risers!) so at the least a review of what change can be done to implement a more regular school start time the district should look at that. There is always compromise and I have full faith in the school system to make the best outcome possible.” - J.C.


“We should be guided by scientific evidence when choosing best practices for our children’s health and development.” - S.B.


“I am a sophomore at NCHS and I am still struggling with waking up so early. My first couple of periods are hard to get through as I am so tired.” - L.D.


Click here to read all 372 comments.

Action Item


Write to our Administrators!

Please take five minutes today to write a quick note to the superintendents and Board of Education members to tell them why you are in support of a Later Start.
Want an immediate upgrade in your quality of life? If you have teens, call their school and explain that your kids will be missing first period. The value of sleep is higher than anything they could possibly get from that one class.

Please sign the petition if you haven't already, and pass along this newsletter to friends and neighbors who you know will sign our petition. Click HERE to sign.
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