88 WAYS BLOG - FALL 2015
My face when I saw this years VMA's...

Regardless of a few good (not amazing) performances, that waste of two hours that I will never get back was an embarrassment to the epic performances of years gone by.  I won't even get started on Yeezus and his 5 minute milk moment of basking in what became obligatory applause.  I'd love for someone to explain to me how every commercial break consisted of morbid shock value
social messages directed toward teenagers yet the ENTIRE show has a running theme of smoking weed, getting drunk, and repulsive fashion choices by it's buffoon of a host.  As a green advocate for those of us responsible enough to indulge and of legal age I found this disconnected ill intended marketing fuckery of a show to be a horrible example for an already wildly impressionable generation.  Ok, I'm stepping off my soap box now just had to get that one out, ok carry on.
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This months blog includes; A Farewell to Insert Coins, new projects, Eats Rhymes & Life, recaps, Fox 5 Music Correspondent thangs, DJ Schedule, Shows, Obsessions, This months music picks, "Paws for the Cause", and as always people, places, & things I love!

Lets get it in!!
Photo by Peter Suh
A standing ovation is definitely in order for one of the most important music venues in Las Vegas which unfortunately closed it's doors last month. Insert Coins was open 4 1/2 years.  Owner Chris LaPorte does have plans to reintroduce the brand when the right venue presents itself but until then the memories created at Insert Coins will live on forever.  

Insert Coins was not only a diverse music portal for artists who would not normally get booked in Vegas, but a home to faithful regulars as well as an incredible team of DJs who I had the pleasure of working with for the last three years.   

I took on the role as Music Director three and a half years ago and it was one of the best creative processes of my career, I learned so much and had the privilege of being able to create an award winning and critically acclaimed music format that didn't exist in Las Vegas.  I look back at the list of artists that I booked to play within those four walls and will forever be proud of being part of the team that brought such incredible music to this city.  

Thank you each one of these artists, it was awesome to work with you all.

AC Slater, Amp Live, Anna Lunoe, Anthony Valadez, Brand Nubian, De La Soul, denetia and sene, Diamond D, DJ Sliink, Falcons, Flinch, Gladiator, Harvard Bass, Hiatus Kiayote, Jazzy Jeff & Skillz, Just Blaze, Lefto, Magic Wand, Mick Boogie, NadastromNeil Armstrong, Nick Catchdubs, NicolayPatski Love, Pete Rock, Phantoms RevengeReal JuicyRich Medina, Skeme Richards, Same Sex Mary, Slum Village, Speakerfoxxx, Stretch Armstrong, The Alchemist (NYC), The Dirty Hooks, The Hood Internet, Talib Kweli, The Knocks, Them Jeans, The Tiny Deaths, & The Foreign Exchange.

Raise your glass with me, to a trailblazing venue that took risks and always stuck to it's brand.  Cheers to Insert Coins!

photo by Peter Suh
The first episode is finally done!  Some of you know that I've been conceptualizing a radio show/podcast this year and I'm so excited to say it's finally in motion.  For now it will have it's own home on my mixcrate page until I decide what the next move is.  It's a grass roots vibey show recorded at my house that will feature my arsenal of music, special guest interviews, who what & wheres, and 2 hours worth of mixes from myself and eventually sets from some of my favorite DJs.  I am using this platform to introduce everyone to new (and classic) music, my favorite artists from various genres, some incredible DJs, and people in different industries.  It's a family affair featuring friends and peers and I even put my daughter Jaxon in the mix...she did my drops for me, I shine everytime I hear them throughout the show...she's a natural!  I hope you dig it, I'm so excited to share this project with you all!  THANK YOU for your continued support, it is inspiring and appreciated more than I can put into words!

88 WAYS 

Stream or download the 1st episode HERE
Not only do I have the pleasure of DJing this amazing culinary meets music event in Los Angeles this weekend, I dedicated my first episode of 88 Ways to the three day party.  The DJ line up is crazy, some of my favorite LA DJs and I can't wait to try the food!! Shout out to Jarobi White for the interview I'm so proud of you and excited for your new journey!  For more on Eats, Rhymes, & Life and Jarobi's culinary projects jump over to:
Always so much love when I step on set of the MORE Access studio!  My role as their music correspondent has been such an awesome experience and addition to my brand and every time they call me in to cover something I have a ball with this crew!  You can catch me covering all things music with this crazy chick, Rachel Smith aka the party in a box, and the awesome Sean McCallister.  If you want to find out when I'm on follow me on instagram @DJ88 and you can also catch some of the segments on my website

7th - EATS, RHYMES, & LIFE Labor Day Event 
The Line Hotel, Los Angeles

8th - Continental Club, Los Angeles

9th - Cherry Poppin', Los Angeles

12th - Private Event - Lou Ruvo Center, Las Vegas

30th - Private Event - Palms Resort Casino
New Casadei Wheels from American Rag, one of my favorite stores in LA...sooooo wish there was one in Vegas! Scored these beauties on a 70%off sale  I've been eyeing them for like six months every time I'd go to LA and low and behold, there they were the only pair left and they were my size!  We were meant to be.
PORTER MAGAZINE is glossy gorgeous, informative, intelligent, savvy, fashion driven,...Im obsessed.
OBSESSED!!!!! With my custom embroidered military style computer bag by TAYLOR & RACINE CUSTOM. My logo looks incredible on this bag, I love the design of the bag's my new computer bag...many pockets inside perfect for the on the go girl or guy.  The best part about this bag is that my Mommy made it!  Yup, she finally started her own line, custom orders only given they're labor intensive and labors of love.  So proud of her, she does amazing work and I'm about to rock the hell out of this bag everywhere I go!  For custom orders go to:  TAYLOR AND RACINE CUSTOM
Artists, producers, albums and songs of various genres that I'm loving and listening to this month, in no particular order...

THE WEEKEND FEAT. LABRINTH - Although "I Can't Feel My Face" is getting all the shine right now (I do love that song), "Losers" featuring UK artist/musician/producer Labrinth is my pick of the month!  Such a complex beautiful track filled with layers of vocals "what can you show me that my heart doesn't know already, cause we make our own sense..." the drum/horns flip at 3:40 in is amazing!

DRAKE - "Hotline Bling"
LOVE LOVE LOVE this teaser single from Drake's upcoming album.  Infectious, sexy, classic emo Drake.

One of my favorite groups has dropped a new album called "From The Land of Milk And Honey" and it is yet another reason champion their individuality, integrity, and inventive approach to the R&B/soul genre.  If you haven't seen them live make it your mission, one of the best live shows I've seen.

Pretty Flacko put has proven he is more than just a pretty face and club record slanger.  This entire album is fire and extremely diverse showing the world that he is an artist in the true sense of the word. My pick, although there are many, is probably L$D.

"Latch" was everyone's favorite song from this trio and rightfully so BUT Disclosure has flipped it and brought Sam Smith back in the studio for this electronic disco smoothed out dance floor banger and I can't get enough of it.

JAMIE WOON - "Sharpness"
This British singer/songwriter is as cool as it gets he's got an R&B vibe that transcends the obvious and I am excited to hear more!!

I'm a fan for years and this recent release does not disappoint.  The future R&B/neo soul/electronic/downtempo style that the Internet has made their own is something so special and so refreshing.  The album features guest appearances by Vic Mensa, Janelle Monae, and Tyler the Creator to name a few and you can literally press play and take a ride without any stops.

JACK U feat. JUSTIN BEIBER - "Where Are You Now"
Although this record dropped in March and I've been playing it all along the recent VMA performance catapulted this perfectly produced song into everyones ITunes library.  The video is gorgeous and won a best visual effects moonman so I included the video as the link for this one.  The Biebs did his thing and if he can keep his shit together he is on his way to one hell of a comeback.
Over the last 10 years I have raised over $70,000.00 for various animal rescue/adoption organizations.  It is my passion, I am an animal lover beyond description.  I am a rescue mom of three beautiful PitBulls and it's my duty and honor to spread the "Adopt Don't Shop" gospel.

This is the section where I'll be featuring four legged babes, their stories as well as amazing people, sites, & organizations who are changing the lives of animals in need.  No shock pictures, no negative stereotypes, no cliche sayings, just pure love!

If you're a "rescue Mom or Dad" send me a picture of your baby or babies and I'll include them in my new "Paws For The Cause" section!  
This is "Angel" she is the face of the nonprofit "Stand Up For Pits" founded by comedian Rebecca Corry in 2013 which is dedicated to ending abuse and discrimination and saving the lives.  Rebecca's relentless determination to bring awareness and offer solutions is absolutely remarkable.  I discovered Rebecca and "Angel" via Instagram and have followed them on their journey ever since.  The travel across the country doing philanthropic events by way of stand up comedy shows with many of her celebrity animal advocate friends to raise money and awareness for SUFP usually with an on site adoption intertwined.  It was very hard for me to read about "Angel's" story but the unconditional love she has now is the best happy ending any animal lover could read.  I salute Rebecca for her hard work and compassion for a cause that is very very close to my heart.  You can donate and support this amazing organization HERE!
Whew!!!!! Ok, we're all caught up I will be back next month to pick up where I left off!  Life your life to the fullest everyday and practice a random act of kindness, just because!