"What we gonna do is go way back...back in time!" - Jimmy Castor
OHHH The 90's!

One of my favorite times in music!  This month marks the third edition of my new one-off exclusive party series "POP-UP" and we're takin you way back, to the times of R&B/Hip Hop collaborations where the dance floor was king and the vibe was always nothing short of electric! This shot was taken by my dear friend Brian "B+" Cross in earrrrrly 90-something at a house party I forget where.  Pictured here are BeeJay Ivie (left) and Jen Green (middle) love you guys!  I loved this was so authentic and experimental.  So to the 90's I salute you for inspiring who I am today!

This edition includes the latest POP-UP this Monday, an awesome feature in Las Vegas weekly with one of my BFF's, One Night For One Drop 2016, the latest addition to the Women In Power series, new projects, this month's obsessions, music picks, a new addition to our family, and as always people, places, & things I love!

As always pardon the typos, I'm a good writer, but a crappy spellchecker!!!

Lets get it in!!
Once again it's on at Ghostbar for POP-UP this time bringing you the R&B/HipHop 90's edition with LIVE flipped covers of your favorite 90's joints by 5 of the best musicians in the city!  

DJ Crykit & I will be playing all 90's all night long and this edition's sponsoring partner Hennessey will be serving "DoWhatchaLike" Hennessey cocktail specials so you can "drink up all the Hennessey we got on our shelf!".

Whether you lived it, or whether you just love it the 90's was a stellar era for R&B and Hip Hop so I did an exclusive mix as always with some of my favorite deep 90's R&B/Hip Hop collaborations that you can cop from my good people at Mixcrate HERE!

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Thank you Brock RadkeLas Vegas Weekly for the awesome feature with bestest Jolene Mannina on our professional journeys.  So proud to be breaking glass ceilings in what's known as "boys town" at a theatre near you!
It was my pleasure to DJ this incredibly special annual charity event for the 4th year in a row, this time held at the beautiful Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas.  
After the "Blue Carpet" and cocktail reception held at the gorgeous KMA Center everyone got to see an exclusive Cirque performance for this years event followed by what was the BEST afterparty yet!  Got to take both my BFFs as my date this year thank you to Jolene Mannina and Raul Daniels for hanging with me all night!

It was an Alice and Wonderland theme and I wish I would've taken pictures of the after party but I was wrapped up in the evening and my DJ set.  Sally Dewhurst and her amazing team did such a great job!

Until next year!

My collaborative series with Vegas Rated Magazine in which I creative direct and author continues as we celebrate CHLOE HELFAND property sommerlier for SLS Las Vegas.  Once I found out Chloe can "saber" a bottle I knew exactly what I wanted the shot to look like.  

Drawing from her ninja like work ethic I decided to do the shoot in the private dining room of her domain, Bizarre Meats.  The shot came out amazing, I couldn't be happier and thanks to photographer Andrew James and make-up artists Alexis Parker of BeGlammed.

To check out full feature CLICK HERE!

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5/20/18 - "Power of Love " KMA Gala VIP Reception - Lou Ruvo Center
5/21/18 - "Power of Love" KMA Gala - MGM Grand Arena
So honored to be DJing the biggest philanthropic event in Las Vegas for the second year in a row this year celebrating Tony Bennett...I mean, WOW!  I can't wait for this star studded two day affair! My "job" is so amazing...I get to DJ nightclubs, special events, my own parties, all the genres that I love...switch from 90's R&B/Hip Hop, Indie, Electronic, Trap with the kids, stunt soulfully, AND DJ Tony Bennett's birthday???? #BLESSED

As some of you know I'm a fan of Trouble Andrew, known to some as a razor's edge experimental music artist, known to some as Santigold's husband, known to some as a pro-skater/snowboarder, but NOW known to a whole hell of a lot more as "Gucci Ghost" aka Gucci's current muse.  

I love stories like these, when the right people fall into the right collaborative moments and raw magic happens. I've alway been a Gucci fan but there have been seasons that have fell flat from staunch traditionalism.  2016 blasts fresh new life into the iconic brand channeling us back to the Warhol/Harring days of graff inspired fashion collaborations.  
Check out the full backstory here!
Huge shout out to my girl DJ Crykit for her fun vintage collection, Crykits Playhouse!  Follow her on Instagram @crykitsplayhouse for amazing classic finds to add to your collection!
Floss out on those rainy days with this Crown The Queens umbrellahhhh eh eh eh! Cop yours at:
Im melting over this S/S 2016 Leather Alexander McQueen embroidered dress....a cool $7K and you can pour yourself into this Stevie Knicks leather and lace wonderland.  I mean....FAAKKK!
Beats X MCM Collabo. I WANT!!. Nuff Said. STILL.
New music, classics, trailblazers,'s what's in my rotation right now!
ANDERSON PAAK / MALIBU - Flawless Album Alert!!!
The toast of the music industry and the king of festivals for 2016 delivers a stand out effort with MALIBU. Los Angeles stand up!  Keep an eye out for the Jazzy Jeff remix of "Room in Here" feat. The Game.  I'm not a Game fan but his verse on this incredible remix by the Illustrious Jazzy Jeff is the perfect kiss on this summer soundtrack.  Adrian Miller I am so proud of you!

RIHANNA / ANTI - What a dark and beautiful surprise!  Hands down one of my favorite albums of 2016. Forget what you know of this pop princess, this album is a clear navigation of her current mood and the production is incredible.  Buy the deluxe version of the album, there's a few bonus tracks definitely worth the purchase.  

Been a fan of this duo's production for a while and this EP is such a welcome addition to their previous releases.  Anderson Paak pops up again in my list this month with his track "Money Made Me" not to mention appearances by Chance The Rapper and Tinashe.  Viva la Snakehips!

"Can I Kick It" / King Most Redirection - ATCQ  - One of San Fran's finest flips one of Tribe's finest as a tribute to Phife's recent passing with this AMAZING "re-direction" of "Can I Kick It".  Love, Love, Love, this version of a timeless 90's classic.  Make sure you stay up on all of King Mosts production efforts he is in regular rotation in my DJ sets!

INVOKER - This Frenchmen is a new favorite of mine flipping luscious electronic soul remixes of everyone from Bey to Tribe to Aaliyah to Jill Scott.  His sound is opulent and I can't wait to see his production career evolve.  

"Never Forget You" - Zara Larsson & MNEK
Electronic Pop at it's absolute finest.  Romantic, cinematic, and effortless. This song is everywhere right now but if for some reason you haven't heard it please click above!  

"Along The Coast" -  Azealia Banks
One of my favorites off her new SLAY-Z release.  I can literally listen to this song all day.  Her range and sophistication on this song are so promising. Other stand outs are the 90's house inspired "The Big Beat" (she kills it on this song!) and the trappy melodic "Riot" feat. my favorite twins Nina Sky.

The Little Things" Big Gigantic feat. Angela McClusky
What a f*cking song. The production is absolutely GIGANTIC but to have the amazing Angela Mcclusky bless this song vocally is just icing the cake.  I want to hear this song live so bad!  It's the little things in life...

Two Tickets To Paradise - Eddie Money 1977
Random but oh so I manifest my tickets to paradise I'm throwing in one of my favorite classic rock songs. I just heard it literally as I'm typing this blog post at my favorite local haunt and I couldn't help but wish EVERYONE two tickets to paradise on this lovely Monday morning!

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Over the last 10 years I have raised over $70,000.00 for various animal rescue/adoption organizations.  It is my passion, I am an animal lover beyond description.  I am a rescue mom of three beautiful PitBulls and it's my duty and honor to spread the "Adopt Don't Shop" gospel.

This is the section where I'll be featuring four legged babes, their stories as well as amazing people, sites, & organizations who are changing the lives of animals in need.  No shock pictures, no negative stereotypes, no cliche sayings, just pure love!

If you're a "rescue Mom or Dad" send me a picture of your baby or babies and I'll include them in my new "Paws For The Cause" section!  

It took a while for me to process my beloved "Biggie's" passing this past November and as the days went by and my heart grew stronger again I knew that he would send another rescue my way when the time was right.  

This past month on a sunny Sunday afternoon I knew it was time and I packed up the Rover with the whole family in tow in hopes of finding our new fur-ever babe!  Off we went to
The Animal Foundation because of a picture of a brindle PitBull puppy someone had sent me.  We arrived early, first in line, my daughter Jaxon was so excited.  When we got to the desk the puppy we came for was no longer available and completely discouraged Jaxon asked the volunteer if there were any PitBull puppies available for adoption.  He looked in the computer and said "Actually we only have one, and oddly enough he looks JUST like the puppy you came to see although he's a little older and A LOT bigger!".  Her face lit up like a million stars and off we went to meet this gigantic dork-a-saurus! It was love at first sight.  I was hesitant at first because he was HUGE and I had a moment of guilt where I felt as though I was trying to replace "Biggie".  We took him for a walk and shortly after introduced him to our two other rescues "Foxy" and "Sadie".  "Sadie" was the one I was most concerned about.  If she wasn't cool with it, it wasn't happening.  She is my eldest at 13 years old and i want every moment of what precious time we have with her to be everything she deserves.  To my surprise she was accepting and patient.  She wasn't overjoyed by any means, but she let me know that she was ok with this.  "Foxy" took to him immediately.  
After two hours of introductions it was a wrap, he was THE ONE.  He was 4 months old and already 40 lbs. with paws the size of my car.  His papers said PitBull but he's definitely got Mastiff in him.  He literally looks like a Tiger cub.  What was I getting myself into??  Now a month and almost 10 lbs. later I have realized that "Biggie" has not only sent this giant goofball to us, but he has channeled himself thru him.  

He has so many of "Big's" characteristics it's just surreal.  "Bubba" is a superstar, he's so bright and intelligent.  He's an old soul and stops everyone in their tracks...I don't care where we go people just melt.  So I end this months blog post with a bittersweet thank you to my beautiful gentle giant "Biggie" for watching over us and sending "Bubba" our way.  The joy and pride we as a family take in saving lives by way of adoption is unmeasurable.  I hope you all consider blessing yourselves with this incredible feeling.  Welcome to our family Bubba, we love you!

R.I.P. - Poh The Dog and Angel you are forever celebrated!
Live your life to the fullest everyday and practice a random act of kindness, just because!  

Until next time...